Aamir confident to break ‘Chennai Express’ record with ‘Dhoom 3’

‘A clash of the titans’ is what can be said about the three reigning ‘Khans’ of Bollywood. Their clash is welcome till the time it means juicier and engaging movies for the audience. All the three ‘Khans’ are vying with each other to present bigger and better movies for the audience.

Aamir Khan whose movie ‘Dhoom 3’ is releasing on Christmas this year, is quite optimistic that his will be able to break the record set by block buster movie of Shahrukh KhanChennai Express’. ‘Chennai Express’ was released on Eid this year and the movie created history as it became the highest grocer film of Bollywood. Before ‘Chennai Express’ the record was held by Aamir Khan’s ‘3 Idiots’.

Aamir Khan believes that ‘3 Idiots’ held the record for 4 years after which ‘Chennai Express’ broke the record. But record of ‘Chennai Express’ will be broken in 4 months only as ‘Dhoom 3’ releases in December.

A source close to Aamir said, “He is confident that ‘D3’ will shatter all records, in fact he has told someone close to him, ‘3 Idiots released in 2009 and it took them four years to break that record. And the record I set with ‘Dhoom 3’, will be broken by someone in 2020.’ Aamir is not one to make statements lightly. If he says something, you better believe he will deliver.”

Trade analyst Komal Nahta said, “The trade buzz is extraordinary for ‘Dhoom 3’. If you ask me whether ‘D3’ will break the records set by ‘Chennai Express’, then the answer is, yes, 100 per cent it will! Records are made only to be broken but the question is how soon? It took four years for the record of ‘3 Idiots’ to be broken, but I feel now records will be broken in a shorter time span. 

There are too many multiplexes growing every year, ticket rates are being hiked and the overall business is on the upswing so records will break faster. Aamir will excel again in ‘D3’. The expectations are very high. For the first time people will see him in a negative role. He has worked on his body and gone through so much pain and effort. With every film Aamir takes his career five steps forward. 

Now he has reached a stage where he wants to add a further dimension to his career. He has a certain reputation and that extends to his films. There is a craze for him. Time and again, he has proved his brilliance.”