Aamir buys ancestral property from his uncle

Aamir Khan might have achieved lots of name and fame but he is still attached to his ancestral home and wants to remain in touch with the surrounding he is born and brought up. The actor recently purchased 22 houses in Shahabad, Hardoi district, in Uttar Pradesh from his uncles. Aamir’s uncle Nassir Husain and another of his uncles are likely to sell the ancestral property and they were looking for buyers.

When Aamir came to hear about their decision, he approached them and asked them to sell the property to him than any outsiders. Aamir took this decision as he does not want to part with his ancestral property. Aamir told us, "This was a sentimental decision. I have hardly spent time in Shahabad but it is my ancestral home. And there is a bond. When I heard that some of my cousins wanted to sell their homes because they have moved on in life, I expressed a desire to buy it back from them. I have said it earlier and I'm repeating myself that some day I will definitely try out farming. This land is ideal for farming and I want to go to Shahabad and give farming a shot."

Aamir Khan has not only registered the property in his name but he also included his brother Faisal Khan and his two sisters Farhat and Nikhat in the paper.

Confirming this bit of information, Aamir said, "I have done that because I want my siblings to also have homes right next to mine. I really don't know when, but the idea is someday I would like all four of us and my mother to spend time together in our ancestral home. Perhaps all my cousins and my nieces and nephews Imran Khan will also join in. It will be the perfect venue for our family reunion."