PK third poster: Aamir Khan in police officer outfit

<PK>As earlier promised by Aamir Khan, interesting posters of the upcoming film ‘PK’ keep coming out.  Recently the third motion poster of ‘PK’ was released. But before the release there was a little mix-up by none other than ‘Mr. Perfectionist’ himself. On Twitter, Aamir posted in Bhojpuri, “Ei dekha... PK ka humra naya adbhurteesmant... dekha aur bola... kaisan laaga?” and shared the link to the poster. But by mistake he actually shared the link of a promo of his reality show ‘Satyamev Jayate’.  After realizing his mistake Aamir posted again and said, “Lull Sala!!! Galti ho gawa. Mishtake se hum apna teebhi ka porograam ka ad-wa daal diya…Ei Layo, ab dekha PK ka humra naya posterwa!!!” Finally the link to the poster was shared.

The third poster sees Aamir clad in a police uniform and looking sternly at the camera. His latest look is quite different from the last two poster and further fuels the curiosity about the film. But to add to the surprise, Aamir was not the only one in the poster. Sanjay Dutt who is playing a key role in the film is also seen in the poster. He sports a moustache and is playing an instrument while wearing an ethnic dress that is similar to Aamir Khan from the second poster. It is interesting to note that Anushka Sharma is yet to appear in any of the posters of the film. It will be interesting to see how her look is in this unusual film. 

‘PK’ is slowly becoming one of the most anticipated films of recent times. Aamir had said during the release of the second poster that there will be poster campaign with the intention of confusing the audience. He had said at that time, "Normally, films promos are launched first but we have decided to launch a series of posters with 'PK'. Every two to three weeks, there will be a new poster which will be introduced. We will have a poster campaign...We will release eight to ten posters till the time the film is released."

The first poster of the film had created controversy as Aamir Khan had posed nude in it. But Aamir had defended it. Recently at an event he said, "Neither Raju Hirani or I tried to sensationalise things. There is no rebellion. Also moral policing should not be for anyone. But we should respect sentiments. I don't think people who were hurt should not object, but they will agree when they see the movie that it was necessary. But I feel moral policing is not good."