Aamir and his show Satyamev Jayate

Aamir KhanSatyamev Jayate is an Indian talk show that is broadcasted on TV. It is telecasted on several channels all over the Star Network and also on the DD National channel of Doordarshan. The show aired its first episode on 6th May, 2012, and has the tinsel town superstar Aamir Khan as an anchor. The main language used on the show is Hindi.

The premiere of the show received a huge positive response from both the public and the critic. All the celebrities of the film industry and even politicians appreciated the effort to highlight and discuss the social issues in public. The starting episode of the show was centred on female foeticide that takes place all over India. This show pleaded the Rajasthan government to take steps against the guilty people caught by the sting operation. There was also a plea put forward to stop the illegal practice in India.

The second episode of the show focused on Child Sexual Abuse in India. The third episode worked on the Dowry system and its effects in Indian society. Till date the show has reached its fourth episode which dealt on the medical ill practices prevalent in India.

The broadcasting of this show has been chosen very consciously, both on Star Plus and Doordarshan. The show is even dubbed in many languages that include Malayalam, Telugu, Bengali, Tamil and Marathi. Apart from India, the show is also shown in around 100 countries all over the world.

In India, the show is aired at 11 am every Sunday. The producers of the show however wanted to air the same on the prime time at 9pm in the evening. But it was Aamir Khan who insisted to keep the time slot on Sunday morning ; since that is well known as the "family TV watching" slot. The celebrity Khan states directly that the main aim of the show is not to reach the highest TRPs, but to reach out to the maximum number of viewers. May be, this is one of the reason why the time has been kept same to the timings of the famous show timings of Ramayana and Mahabharata.

The show is backed up by numerous sponsors. It is presented and sponsored by Airtel and Aqua – Guard is the co-sponsor. There are several other sponsors as well like Coca Cola, Skoda Auto, Berger Paints, Johnson & Johnson, Axis Bank etc. The main sponsors have funded around 16 – 20 crores, whereas the other sponsors have contributed around 6-7 crores. Aamir Khan is also known to have requested the brand managers to refrain from buying advertising slots or showing his advertisements while the show is on. He feared that it might spoil the impact of the show.

The seed of the show was first planted when the CEO of the Star India group requested Aamir Khan to debut on small screen. The shooting locations for the show has been several, and Khan also roamed about all over India including Rajasthan, Kerala, Punjab, Kashmir, Delhi and also North East of India.

The show's title track was written by Prasoon Joshi, the composer is Ram Sampath and the singer is Keerthi Sagathia. The shooting of the song was done by Ram Madhavani in many states of India and was aired on April 13th, 2012.

All the viewers of the show starting from critics to social and political personnel and film artists  have shown positive response. It is marked as a brave, determined and sensible program that creates an emotional bond with its audiences. The show has scored a TVR of 4.27 in Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. The official site of Satyamev Jayate crashed within minutes of the ending of the first episode, and the server had to be recovered once again due to huge traffic. The overwhelming response of the show can be assumed from this.