Aamir and Akshay's special Diwali with their newborn

Aamir and Akshay were recently in the news due to the release of their films “Talaash” and “Khiladi 786”, respectively, on the same date, that is, on the 30th of November. Instaed of a serious clash, the two are in the news for some good reason.

Our celebrities, who lead a luxurious life, cannot be far behind during any festive occasions. It is quite a prevalent sight in Bollywood when these stars throw lavish parties for their friends to celebrate the festivals.

As the time of Diwali had set in this year, it was obvious that everybody from the Hindi film fraternity would be in buoyant spirits. This year, the two Bollywood bashes that held the limelight among the others were the ones celebrated by Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar.

The houses of both these stars, with Aamir’s at his Bandra residence and Akshay’s at his Andheri residence were lit up and they threw a grand bash for their other friends from the film industry. Also what makes the celebrations all the more special for these two is that they have recently welcomed their new born babies Azad and Nitara respectively.

Whereas Twinkle and Akshay welcomed their newly born Nitara on the 25th of Spetember, Kiran and Aamir welcomed their son Azad on 1st of December, 2011. It has also come to the forefront that Akshay’s first-born son who loves to burst crackers, have agreed to refrain from doing the same, for the sake of his baby-sister.

Aamir’s guest list too was under the scanner. Among the many celebrities who he invited, the main person to have grabbed eyeballs was Salman Khan. But the man who could not make it to his guest list was his arch-rival Shah Rukh Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan too is known for celebrating this festival every year. However, this year owing to the demise of the veteran filmmaker Yash Chopra, he has not celebrated Diwali.

An insider from the industry claimed “Akshay is very excited since it's his daughter's first Diwali. Though his son Aarav loves firecrackers the boy has decided not to indulge in any fireworks for his baby-sister's sake. However Akshay can barely contain his excitement. In Punjabi homes the arrival of a daughter is like goddess Laxmi's arrival. Aamir has apparently invited the entire film fraternity barring of course Shah Rukh Khan. But the other Khan superstar Salman is expected to be at Aamir's bash."