Aaja Nachle’s story similar to Brazilian film

Aaja Nachle is the comeback vehicle of actress Madhuri Dixit and this Yash Raj musical will be releasing soon. However there is talk that Aaja Nachle is strangely similar to that of a Brazilian film Xuxa Requebra. However director Anil Mehta refuses to be drawn into any controversy about his film, he claims that they did not deliberately set out to do a remake. But he claims that if his film is similar to another film, he has no qualms.
The Brazilian film Xuxu Requebra is based on an ex-student of a dance academy, she has to save her former dance school from being sold to drug dealers. For this she trains a group of local dancers and together they put up a musical performance in the last hope of saving the academy. Aaja Nachle too has a very similar plot; Madhuri plays Dia who comes to India from New York with the sole intention of saving her dance academy Ajanta theatre. She goes to her town and there she is forced to train a few unskilled locals to dance and sing. The Brazilian film Xuxu Requebra also has another similar aspect, both the main female leads Xuxu Meneghel and Madhuri are of the same age and made there comeback in films after a long hiatus.

However the director of Aaja Nachle, Anil Mehta remains unperturbed, he says “We didn’t sit down to make a remake. And I will not get offended if you tell me my film is similar to some other film. If it has resonance with another film, I have no quarrels with that.” Mehta also claims that most Indian films have a similar plotline, so it is not surprising that there are a few similarities in Aaja Nachle. Mehta claims that they have not simply reworked another film, but he along with Aditya Chopra, Jaideep etc have painstakingly worked on the script.