Aadar Jain opens up on getting engaged to Tara Sutaria

Aadar Jain and Tara Sutaria have been going strong for quite sometime and speculation is ripe about Aadar getting engaged to girlfriend Tara.

Speaking with a leading daily, Aadar said, "The only thing I will say about me and Tara is that we are in a very happy space right now”.

Aadar also shared similar feelings while speaking to Hindustan Times in April. "Tara is someone who is very, very special to me. We give each other a lot of happiness. We do hang out a lot and people show us a lot of love. It's great and that's all I can say about it," he said.

When a fan of the couple asked the actor if they will be seen together in any of his upcoming projects, he said, "I can't say anything until the makers announce it."

Aadar’s family also accepted their relationship.

While speaking to Mumbai Mirror, Aadar's mother Rima Jain has hinted that the family has accepted Tara.

The tabloid quoted her as saying, "We love anybody our son loves." When asked about their wedding plans, Rima told the daily, "No, nothing like that. They're young. We'll see later in life what happens. Let them make their life and let them work."

Last year, Aadar and Tara’s wedding rumour also did the round on net. Says a source from the family, “Aadar is all set to marry his girlfriend Tara Sutaria. They  are  committed for keeps  and  would  like to tie the  knot at the earliest."

The source from the Kapoor clan further adds, “For whatever reason, I don’t think  Ranbir is ready yet to get married(to Alia). His cousin Aadar is very much the family man. He wants to marry Tara at the earliest. His elder brother  Armaan got married to his girlfriend last year. There is  no hurdle  to Aadar getting married in  spite of  the fact that his career has still not taken off and  Tara Sutaria’s career  has just taken off.”