A male friend grabbed my breast at an airport, says Pooja Bhatt

Joining the #MeToo movement, actress cum filmmaker Pooja Bhatt revealed that a close male friend of her tried to grope her breast at an airport. Outspoken Pooja added, “You’re imagining an enemy out there when the enemy will be sitting right next to you”.

He was a very dear friend of her and Pooja didn’t expect this from him. She was shocked and numbed with his misconduct.

Pooja talked about the history of women being harassed in one form or the other and said, “Why do we insist on taking a cue from the West yet again by calling it the #MeToo? Sexual harassment, sexual abuse, rape, female infanticide is a reality in the subcontinent and is something that women have to suffer day after day”.

She further added, “I’d like to believe that things have changed but nothing changes until it changes in your homes and bedrooms. It’s important to air your grievances and frustrations. That itself is a major form of release.

She also said, “When you speak uncomfortable truths in a world of lies, then you are looked upon as insane or you are dismissed. It comes down to eventually you believing in your truth because the truth does not require PR. So I think, what has changed is that we talk about it more”.

Pooja Bhatt extended her support to Tanushree Dutta for speaking up against the misconduct done to her. “Whenever someone complains about it, you shouldn’t count it out. I don’t think we should silence those voices”.

Favouring Tanushree, she further said, “I find it a very frivolous conversation whether ‘Bollywood stands with you or not’. Truth doesn’t need PR.”

“If you believe it, go out there and speak it. Do not expect anyone to hold your hands and support you. Bollywood is a great place. You can expect support for award ceremonies, weddings and funerals,” she added.