“Shahid's the guy I want to grow old with!” Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor and Shahid KapoorTheir passionate liplock was beamed across the nation Shock, shame & scandal followed. But nothing seems to have changed for the Kapoors Kareena & Shahid are still the couple 'lost-in-love'
“You got it right, the incident has only made us grow fonder” says Kareena. “It was ugly but I guess it was the test of our love” her worldly wisdom nearly baffles us. “Oh come on, I am a lot more mature. The incident was traumatic but the bond between us is stronger than ever!” she says savoring a sizzling brownie.
On being bindaas about her ISHQ VISHQ

“I am in love & I am not going to hide it!”

“Sorry, but I am not the kind who hides things. Be it professional or personal, I hate fibbing. The day I started seeing Shahid, I owned up & told all & sundry. I am in love & I won't hide it. That isn't me” says the firebrand actor. “Unlike other actresses who hide their relation & show up pregnant, my relationship is for all to see” she remarks, reminding us of the Kareena four years back who couldn't resist making digs at her co-actors. Not much seems to have changed….

FIDA over Shahid

“There is no stargiri between us!”

“When we are together, I can be myself. There is no stargiri between the two of us. That's the best thing about Shahid, with him around, I am normal, just another girl with her date” she says dreamily. With back-to-back shoots, when is it that they catch up? “It's really hectic, but when your heart wants something, you have to listen to it” bebo says insightfully. “We normally catch up for lunch or dinner. You won't believe this but we have even seen movies together” she says with a warm glow on her face.

Jeena Sirf Mere Liye…

I told Shahid, “I saw you checking out that chick!”

“Oh god, we fight like cats & dogs!” she says with her famous drawl. And what is it about? “Anything, just about anything. Like, the other we went to Kobez and while we were awaiting our meal, a bunch of girls walked in. I thought he was getting a little overfriendly and so flared, “Why are you looking at that girl!?” he said ‘No I wasn't' But I kept insisting, “No, you were. I saw you checking out that chick!” And the argument went on and on” she smiles. “But it's these little fights & make ups that make our relation really special!” she says fondly. “Know what, he makes me feel complete!” Bebo blushes, her pink cheeks taking on a crimson.

Jodi No.1

“Watch out for us in Milenge Milenge!”

“I think we look good together” But people thumped down Fida, we remind her. “I think that had less to do with our pairing, and more with the film. I guess the climax of Fida was a little too bold for the audiences to stomach” she tries her hand at analyzing. “But you got to check us out in Milenge Milenge. I think the so called chemistry is for all to see” she says scooping the last bit of chocolate syrup. Looking at our amused faces, she says “Hey don't give me that look, you guys. It's a Punjabi belly that I am feeding” she says, her wicked humor surfacing. We can't help but laugh…

On Shahid's resemblance with SRK

“Both Shahrukh & Shahid have adorable dimples!”

“Hey, I frankly am getting a tired of this supposed similarity that people keep talking about. Honestly, I don't think Shahid & Shahrukh look similar, they are all together different lookers. The only similarity that I see between the two is that both have great dimples. And does her boyfriend agree too? “That you'll have to check on him. But if there is one thing that I am sure of, is, Shahid's the guy I want to grow old with”

…And you know love is talking

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