“Main Hoon Na wasn't a turning point for me” - Sushmita Sen

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Tell us about your role in Main Aisa Hi Hoon?
In this film I have got an opportunity to play a fantastic character. First time in my career I am playing a lawyer's role who fights for the custody of Ajay Devgan's child.

What excited you about Neeti Khanna - your character in the movie?
The most beautiful thing for me in this movie was that I play a mother and for the first time I am playing a kind of mother who neglects her child. So for me as Sushmita Sen and as Neeti, this was a very different experience. In the start it was a bit difficult for me to play this role as I didn't know how to be a bad mother but its my job and I guess over a period of time I have learnt to disconnect from who I am as a person and I've had a blast doing this film.

How special has this film been for you?
It is one of my finest performances, these days I have gotten a little shameless these days and say so openly when I believe it. This film is very special for me and will always remain because to present on Indian screen a working woman who is not apologetic or ashamed of the way she lives. For me to play a character like this is to pioneer women into the 21st century, which I think is about time, we do that.

Is it true that Neeti Khanna goes through a transition herself in the process of fighting the case?
Yes it is true. Infact there is a very beautiful 4-minute scene where this character Neeti Khanna the lawyer transforms and breaks down. So there are these beautiful moments in the film of people like you and me who put up this act of being very brave but actually are as fragile as the next person.

What do you think of Ajay Devgan's performance?
He has given a superb performance. I'll tell you in all honesty that in Indian film industry, for a leading hero to play a character like this is very challenging. Half of the actors reject the role as soon as they hear the script while others who agree would play it as a hero. But Ajay has played the character in the film genuinely as a 7-year-old child. Secondly in a film like Main Aisa Hi Hoon you can't have songs because it breaks the consistency of the performance, he does have songs in it and he's pulled it off beautifully. Anybody in his shoes would have looked like he's doing music videos for songs and film he somehow has managed to combine the two of them.

What do you think of Esha's performance in the movie?
Esha has done a beautiful job in this film; she has walked a very thin line. To perform the complicated role that she has done in such a young age is fabulous and she looks her hottest best in her introduction.

Is there scope for songs in a movie like Main Aisa Hi Hoon?
Our industry is a musical industry so whether there is scope or no we have to have songs in a film. Maybe audiences like you and me or multiplex audiences can see a songless movie like Bhoot or Vastu Shastra, but in the B & C centers of our country even today a movie runs on one song. So it is a part of the commercial aspect of the Indian movie business. So there is always scope for songs in our movie whether one wants it or not is the director's protocol. Here Harry Baweja wanted music so GOD bless Himesh. He has done a fabulous job, the music helps the narrative of the film it doesn't disturb it.

You played a cop in Samay, a doctor in Vastu Shastra, here you play a lawyer, fixation with professions?
I am a very professional actor (laughs) these days I play only professional characters. Then there is a movie coming up with Salman where I am playing a nurse. I haven't left a single profession, I am doing pretty ok. I am looking forward to each one of these films.

There is Chingari coming up. Tell us about some other projects of yours?
Chingari is for the first time that I have portrayed a prostitute; I have spoken in Bihari language. Then there is Runway, which is inspired by a true-life story of a woman who lives in Bhuj who was given the bravery award by our president because of what she had done which his something so fascinating that we all should read about and see. They all will be back to back, and I am really kicked because I am going to play some very nice roles in this particular year.

Do you think Main Hoon Na was the turning point in your career?
If you ask me every actor will keep having these turning points as each Friday goes by. So Main Hoon Na wasn't a turning point for me as an actor, for me turning point started in 1996 December when I signed Dastak, after that all the flops and the hits that I have seen have made me what I am today.

Courtesy: Indiafm