5 hot bed scenes of Bollywood

The films at Bollywood are becoming bolder of late, but even before now, some of the hottest bed scenes have been filmed here. Here is a short description of five hottest bed scenes in Bollywood

1.Girlfriend-Remember “Girlfriend”? Well, if you do not, that is no great surprise because the movie hardly made much of a stir with the general audience. But the hot girl on girl action portrayed in the movie can still be described as one of the hottest bed scenes of Bollywood. Isha Koppikar and Amrita aurora get it off together. In the movie, they enter an apartment drunk and start some heavy duty kissing and fondling with Isha putting in more aggressive actions.

2.Zinda-Lara Dutta has remained a bombshell since she made her first appearance on screen. But it is in the movie “Zinda” that she shows off at her sexy best with Sanjay Dutt. The script of the movie is good and the action is super, but no one who watched the movie can deny that it is the hot smoking body of Lara Dutta which was the icing on the cake.

3.Maya Memsaab- Maya Memsaab is one of the more obscure films by Shah Rukh Khan before he became the uncrowned king of Bollywood. But the lovely Deepa Mehta shares some extremely steamy scenes with SRK in this film. They do it everywhere and in an intense episode where he takes her against the wall, Mehta’s breasts are fully in view.

4.Hawas- Hawas is a suspense and thriller with plenty of spicy ingredients including sex, infidelity and Murder. In this backdrop, the sex scene enacted by Megjha Naidu is truly sensational. She plays a bored wife of a millionaire who is fatally attracted to a stranger. The encounter between Megjha and her lover in a woman’s bathroom where her face is seen in the mirror as she is penetrated from behind is one of the hottest sex scene in Bollywood.

5.Murder-Anurag Basu’s ‘Murder’ about sex and infidelity culminating in murder became a sensation when it was released. Till today, the steamy scenes between the cheating wife Mallika Sherawat and her lover Emraan Hashmi remain some of the steamiest and most sensual scenes in Bollywood.

Apart from this, other movies which have come out with really intense bed scenes include Priyanka Chopra in ‘Fashion’, Bipasha Basu in ‘Corporate’ and Tabu in ‘The Namesake’.