5 Different looks of SRK in upcoming RA.One

Ra.OneShahrukh Khan, who is the current badshah of Bollywood, has the biggest release of his life this Diwali. The superhero science fiction movie is all set to be released in a few days from now, and is bringing in a lot of expectations and excitement over the Khan’s work. His looks in the movie are generating huge interest among the fans and cine goers and the few glimpses caught in the movie trailers undoubtedly look exciting. Check out the five different looks that are sported by the superstar Khan revealed till now.

Heavily Pierced look

This one is the stylish look that that the star sports in the movie and has a shade of the urban supercool young dude. Shahrukh in this looks is seen wearing a jacket and a pair of sun glasses and has piercing all over his face. His eyes, ears and chin are pierced and are adorned with various jewellery and rings which appear to be made of silver or similar metal. The look has a hint of evilness in it, and we wonder why a superhero would like to dress like that.

The Blue eyed look

In another avatar, SRK rekindles his blue eyed charm and is seen donning the colored lens for a shade of the character. With a clean shaven face and the lips pouted as if going to kiss, the super star oozes all in his usual charm and attraction. The look will undoubtedly be a hit with his huge female following.

The funny look

Shahrukh, who has played multiple shades of the character in the movie, sports a funny look too. In this appearance SRK is seen in a clean shaven face with a heap of hair over his head. The abundant curly black hair, which is quite unusual to be seen in the day to day life, imparts a humorous angle to the character. We hope to see SRK tingling some funny bones in the movie with his impeccable acting skills.

The rock star look

This appearance revealed in some of the trailers of the movie, shown SRK donning a heavy black leather jacket, driving a stylish vehicle. There is a bunch of curly hair on his head and his eyes full of excitement for an imminent adventure. SRK rocks!

The Superhero look

Finally, this is the most publicized and popular look of SRK for the movie in which appears as a true superstar and a savior. He is seen donning a super hero like blue colored dress and several gadgets all over his body. SRK has really made justice to this stunning costume.