300 people witness Esha Gupta strip

Do not feel bad to be absent from that list of odd three hundred people. You will get your chance to catch the act on the big screen.

In the older days of the Hindi movies ghost stories always came laden with sensual scenes. Whether it required or not you could always view the heroines bathing and the masked ghosts with lots of ketchup thrown on them would appear only when the heroine is in night dress. The ghost would chase the heroine so that she would run and expose her flesh in the moves. Sex was always a good bait to lure viewers in the dark halls for the horror flicks.  

It seems not much has changed today and under the guise of sophisticated presentation and better special effects you still get to get dollops of sex served on a platter in ghost movies. The new entrant to the tradition is Esha Gupta.

Esha is acting in Vikram Bhatt’s next horror story. Shoots for the movie is at present going on. Film script required Esha to shed her clothes. But, as she arrived in set there were almost 300 extras present there. She was already nervous about stripping and the huge crowd made her tremble. She pleaded the director to cancel the shoot but Vikram assured her to go ahead. The actress recalls, “Vikram was very confident about me doing the scene perfectly. My friends helped me relax and finally, I gave my shot.”

Once the shot was over and she wrapped up, the crowd started to clap for her. The actress reminiscences the awkward stripping act and states “My character is wearing a sexy gown when she enters a party hall. However, soon she sees ghosts moving towards her and crisscrossing through her body. In order to get rid of them, I was required to scream and rip my clothes.”

Esha Gupta was the coveted ‘Miss India International’ in the year 2007. The beautiful model turned actress is a new sensation in the Bhatt camp. She is also acting in the upcoming movie ‘Jannat 2’, which is to be produced and directed by the Bhatt camp.

In a chit chat Esha tells that she loves to watch horror movies though she is scared stiff of ghosts. Even in her childhood ‘Aahat’ (an Indian television serial on ghost stories) was her favorite. She used to watch it along with her entire family.