10 Reasons you should watch RA.One on Diwali

Ra.OneHere are the reasons why you can’t afford to miss the super hero flick this Diwali.

1. Superhero movie
The movie Krissh, which was the first Indian superhero movie, was so successful that we will see a release of the sequel very soon. With the advent of the superhero concept in Indian cinema, it would be interesting to know what SRK has to offer with his new movie.

2. It is a Diwali gift for the Indian audience
The festive season is in corner and you would certainly not like to spend your Diwali time at home. Along with lights and cracker, catching up a movie carrying high expectations among audience will be a good idea indeed.

3. Never before special effects

4. Song "Chammak Challo" by Ekon
Now this is something first on Indian cinema. The international artist Ekon has sung a song “Chammak Challo” for the movie. Considering the popularity that Ekon enjoys globally, this will surely draw a lot of people to Ra.One.

5. The movie is released in multiple languages
To draw maximum number of audience to the theaters to watch the superhero flick, the movie will be released in multiple languages like Hindi, English, Tamil and Telegu. So, even if you do not understand Hindi, you can taste the latest flavor from Bollywood.

6. Movie name based on the villain
Following the trend set by “Ghajini”, the movie has been named on the villain. This is interesting because it conveys about a powerful villain and a challenging combat is expected between the superhero and the bad guy.

7. Extraordinary marketing of the movie by SRK
SRK has extensively worked on the promotion of the movie. From appearance in TV shows and malls to releasing Ra.One merchandise for purchase, this certainly conveys his belief in the movie.

8. Movie a hit on the Social Networking sites already
Enter the Ra.One page of facebook, and you will be overwhelmed to see the number of followers and admirers of the page.

9. A full fledged game version of the movie in coming soon
Once again, another first for Bollywood cinema. This is the first movie for which a full fledged Play station version of game will be released very soon. You can imagine the huge investment behind such a mammoth effort.

10. A King Khan movie
After all, you got to see the movie because it is the King Khan’s self proclaimed biggest movie till date.