10 most bold and controversial films of all time

As the industry matured, the realm of liberal minded experimental films came. Some these films often arose grave doubts among the minds of people. There have been many controversies in Bollywood some relating to the content or to the visual display. There were often great upheavals due to these films. The most outrageous movies of all time are enlisted below



The film was depicted by a straight-forward hard drinking prostitute. She did not have a catastrophic past. The steamy scenes could not be taken in by the simple audience. Although a new venture in Bollywood, “Chetna” according to the lead actress Rehana Sultan had destroyed her career and image forever.


Aandhi was banned by Indira Gandhi as she felt that the movie was mildly influenced by her life. The leading female character bore several similarities to Indira. The makers of the film also added a scene to suit the requirements of the party. The film was eventually aired when Congress lost the elections in 1977.

“Insaaf Ka Tarazu”
Insaaf Ka Tarazu

This film was a profit at the box office. However the rape scene of a 13 year old had horrified the public and led to many controversies.


The film based on lesbianism revolves around two sisters-in law who were victims of unsuccessful matrimonies. The film had been revolted upon by the public. The film received a lot of negation both from the critics and the box office.

“Satyam Shivam Sundaram”
Satyam Shivam Sundaram

This film was banned due to its dirty content, the extremely steamy scenes between Zeenat and Sashi and also because of Zeenat’s provocative dressup.

“Black Friday”
Black Friday

This film revolves around the intense events and happening of the 1993 Mumbai blasts. The film released 2 years after its completion due to a court judgment. The film was highly acclaimed by the critics.


The film was banned due to its highly erotic content. It tried to portray the sinful relationship between a Catholic priest and a young lady. The film was greatly resented by the Christian community and led to controversies.

 “Kissa Kursi Ka”
Kissa Kursi Ka

The spoof largely based on the eccentric Sanjay Gandhi caused great rage. Sanjay who was constantly related to the Maruti issue was soon jailed after the emergency. The film’s prints had been seized and burnt down at the Gurgaon Maruti Company.

“Ek Choti Si Love Story”
Ek Choti Si Love Story

This film was based on the attraction of a mere teenager to a married middle aged woman. Seeing a body double in the steamy scenes had enraged Manisha Koirala and lodged a complaint against the film and also tried to hinder its release.

 “Bandit Queen”
Bandit Queen

This film was based on the painful life of Phoolan Devi. Although the film received critical acclaim, there were many controversies and upheavals relating to the brutal rape scene certain other aspects. Phoolan herself tried to stop the release.