1 day for the WC final, Poonam Pandey to go nude

Aspiring model and an ardent fan of Indian cricket team, Poonam Pandey has promised to go nude if India wins the world cup. She is determined to keep the stripping promise if India holds the world cup.

After India beats Pakistan by 29 runs, Poonam tweets on her micro-blogging page, "3 days to go to Complete my Promise to INDIA :)" one might have forgotten the promise but Poonam Pandey is bold enough to remind all Indians that she will go naked if India beats Sri Lanka in the final.

Poonam is not the only one to run nude for her country, Models like Larissa Riquelme of Paraguay and Luciana Salazar of Argentina promised to strip down if their country wins the FIFA World Cup last year. Paraguay lost but Larissa ran naked anyway.