Guest iin London

‘Guest iin London’ is a comedy flick starring Paresh Rawal, Kartik Aaryan, Kriti Kharbanda and Tanvi Azmi. The movie has been directed by Ashwini Dhir and is the sequel of his 2010 comic caper ‘Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?’ The movie is slated to release on 16 June.

The music for the film has been composed by Raghav Sachar and Amit Mishra while multiple lyricists have penned the songs. The music album consisting of five tracks, including a recreated version, has been released under the label T-Series.

Frankly Tu Sona Nachdi: This is a happy-sounding dance track, but not with too loud music. Raghav Sachar has used an interesting mix of Punjabi and Western sounds, including saxophone, keyboard and drums. Raghav doubles up as the singer accompanied by Tarannum Mallik. The lyrics by Kumaar is youthful and is peppered with English terms.      

Dil Mera: Raghav Sachar and Kumaar return as the composer and lyricist for this love song. Ash King, Prakriti Kakkar and Shahid Mallya have rendered this melodious number with rhythmic arrangement. The song begins on a promising note but as it progresses, the musical arrangement seems to drown the singers’ voice.

Daru Vich Pyaar: This is a reprised version if TS Jarnail, Taz Stereo Nation’s hit track form 2001 film ‘Tum Bin’, written, composed and sung by him. While the new version has been sung by Taz himself with additional rap written and performed by Arya Acharya, the track has been composed by Raghav Sachar while maintaining the original tune.

Guest in London: This song is a situational track composed and sung by Amit Mishra accompanied behind the mic by Navendu Tripathi. The duo has also doubled up as the songs lyricists. The hilarious lyrics are highlight of the song which warns about the arrival of self-invited guests who comes to play “twenty20” but ends up playing a “test match.” The opening words ‘Aayega…aayega… aayega’ has maintained the tune of the unforgettable classic song ‘Aayega Aane Waala’ from 1949 movie ‘Mahal’.   

Rabba Meray Haal Da Mehram Tu: It is an intense and trance-inducing devotional track with a blend of bhajan and sufi elements. Amit Mishra has composed the song who also lends his vocals along with Sumeet Anand.

‘Guest iin London’ soundtrack is short with fresh arrangement that is good to hear while it lasts. It’s nice to listen to ‘Daru Vich Pyaar’ and ‘Frankly Tu Sona Nachdi’.