Bank Chor

Bank Chor’ is a slapstic comedy starring Riteish Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoi and Rhea Chakraborty among others. It has been directed by Bumpy and produced by Asish patil under Y-Films, a subsidiary of Yash Raj Films. The film is scheduled to release on June 16.

A host of composers and lyricists, including Kailash Kher, Baba Sehgal and Rochak Kohli have put together the music album of the film, which has been released under YRF Music.

Hum Hain Bank Chor: Kailash Kher doubles up as the lyricist and composer for this fun song. His high pitched and husky tone suits the song, which tries to be naughty with the hook line ‘bank chor’ which rhymes with a well-known Hindi expletive. The musical arrangement is also cool and rhythmic with comic effects. There is also a rap section penned and mouthed by Ambili Menon.

Tashreef: This is another fun song sung and composed by Rochak Kohli. The arrangement with lots of guitar riffs and vocal sounds like ‘toing, toing’ and cooing of birds, makes it interesting. The ‘Hinglish’ lyrics by Adheesh Verma are hilarious and a bit naughty, thanks to the repeated use of the word ‘tashreef’. It speaks about the protagonist, a robber in this case, not having much-fun in his job. Rochak brings the required feeling of frustration in is voice to suit the song.

The song also comes in an unplugged version called Cups Version, but there is not much of a difference between both the songs.

BC Rap Knockout: Mumbai Vs Delhi: As the title suggests, it is a rap battle between Mumbaikars and Delhiites and dwells on argument about which of the two cities is better. Mumbai rapper Naezy represents the city of dreams, while Pardhaan raps for Delhi. On screen, the dou is represented by film’s lead Riteish Deshmukh and Olympian boxer Vijender Singh respectively. Shameer Tandon has done the arrangement, but it is lyricist Varun Likhate’s apt verses and the two rappers who make the whole track enjoyable.

Jai Baba Bank Chor: Composer Rochak Kohali returns for a second song in the album for which he has used some loud, energetic and rhythmic music. Towards the end, the music takes a typical Maharashtrian style with sounds of tutari, cymbals and whistles. Nakash Aziz has lent his vocals to the song. The lyrics by Gautam Govind Sharma are funny with parody of a popular nursery rhyme ‘ba ba bank chor have you any door…’ and also mentions Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Bae, Baba Aur Bank Chor: Popular rapper Baba Sehgal returns to Bollywood after quite some time as the composer-singer-lyricist for this out-and-out rap. It is nice to listen to his energetic rapping alongside foot-tapping composition. The Hindi-English lyrics are interesting, though certain verses doesn’t make sense at all, especially the one in which Sehgel gives a Spanish twang. It goes, ‘Comarade kamal hassan Barcelona/Mr. Reema, mr. Roma, mr. Croma croma/Vasco d gama portuguese goa goa/ Remember singh lowa lowa hey’.

Mela – The Bank Chor Theme: This one is a pure instrumental piece by Shrikanth Sriram of Drum The Bass Ltd. It begins well with cool arrangement of acoustic and bass guitar, percussion and trumpet sounds, and takes a faster pace as it progresses. It extends for as long as five-and-half minute and begins to sound repetitive.

The music album of ‘Bank Chor’ is theme-based and tries to be funny. It goes well with the film’s genre, though the continuous mention of the title in almost all songs gets on the nerves. ‘Tashreef’ is creative and both the rap numbers are likeable.