Singh Is Kinng

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Katrina keeps Akshay waiting

After the blockbuster of ‘Singh Is Kinng’, the makers of the film are keen to make its sequel. But wait is for Katrina Kaif. The film will roll when Katrina Kaif will become free from her other assignments. Meanwhile, she is busy with other projects and not able to give dates to Aksh ... read more

Russel Peters comments badly about Aishwarya

As everyone says about Russel Peters, that if and when he opens his mouth someone will definitely get hurt and it will have a real bad effect. Recently, this Canadian comedian has started making fun of Bollywood and ridiculing Hindi cinema at large. He has further improvised his Indian comic tra ... read more

Katrina completes 7 yrs in Bollywood

Katrina Kaif’s journey to stardom has been commendable. She has completed seven glorious years in Bollywood by dint of her hard work and dedication. In spite of poor Hindi, Katrina has made things possible ... read more

SIK nominated for RAAM Awards

'Singh is Kinng', one of the biggest money-spinners of 2008, has added another feather in its cap by winning a nomination in the Best Foreign Language film category at the forthcoming RAAM Awards to be held in Fe ... read more

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