Rocket Singh - Salesman Of The Year

Rocket Singh - Salesman Of The Year

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Ranbir finds a new girlfriend!

You might be wondering how come Ranbir Kapoor be so much fast. Just now he has cut ties with Deepika Padukone and instantly he found a new girlfriend. Before you draw any wrong conclusion, let me clarify that he ... read more

Ranbir Kapoor shaves off

Bollywood prince charming Ranbir Kapoor shaved off his beard after six months. Few days back, Ranbir Kapoor reported feeling itchy for his beard. He had grown up the beard for the film ‘Rocket Singh’. ... read more

Ranbir lip-locked with Shazahn

Actress Shazahn Padamsee is very excited now-a-days as she has kissed Ranbir Kapoor in Shimit Amin’s ‘Rocket Singh’. The scene is not an integral part of the film but only a dream sequence. Ranb ... read more