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Aruna Sheilds goes complete nude

Aruna Sheilds who debuted with ‘Prince’ opposite Vivek Oberoi sheds all her inhibitions in Mr Singh and Mrs Mehta. For a particular scene, Aruna goes complete nude. Just like Kate Winslet of ‘Titanic’, Aruna posed nude when the male protagonist makes her portrait. ... read more

Aruna Shields's naked picture hit the net

Aruna Shields has posted a disgusting naked picture of her on the social networking site. She is suffering from measles and the picture shows her in fully naked posture with her hands covering her boobs. The image was very disgusting and weird. God knows what made the actress to  pos ... read more

Vivek Oberoi’s new girlfriend

During the shooting of Kookie Gulati’s ‘Prince’, actor Vivek Oberoi came close to his leading lady Aruna Shields and the crew members are the witness of their closeness. They got closer after an intimate kissing scene. After the shot, the intimacy between them got stronger and ... read more

Aruna Shields enjoys lip-locking Vivek Oberoi

British born actress Aruna Shields who is creating ripples all over for posing naked in a particular scene in 'Mr Singh Mrs Mehta' speaks about her experience in kissing Vivek Oberoi in her debut venture ‘Prince’. She declares that Vivek is a wonderful kisser and she enjoys l ... read more