All About Luck

Shruti Haasan sheds her clothes

Kamal Haasan’s daughter Shruti Haasan is making her debut in Soham Shah’s ‘Luck’ and the debutante has no inhibitions in shedding off her clothes. For her, it is like any other scenes and ... read more

Sanjay donates money to Manyata

Next celebrity to promote their film on Salman Khan’s ‘Dus Ka Dum’ is Sanjay Dutt and Jackie Shroff for ‘Luck’. The three had a great time on the show recollecting past memories. San ... read more

Shruti Haasan undergoes nose surgery

Debutante Shruti Haasan is yet to get exposed to the world but the new gal has already started to make headlines. First, her bikini strip created news, second her talent in singing astonished all and now her nose ... read more

Kamal Haasan watches LUCK with Shruti

On Friday night, the legendary Kamal Haasan watched his beautiful young daughter, Shruti, set the screen on fire in the forthcoming Luck. Shruti has already earned rave reviews for the Jee Le and Aazma Luck song ... read more

Sanjay Dutt's death-defying stunt in Luck

Sanjay Dutt has performed a stunning action sequence for the forthcoming Luck. He jumped from a speeding train, blindfolded and with his hands tied behind his back without any cables or dummies.Direct ... read more

Shruti Haasan's grand entry into Bollywood!

Shruti Haasan, Sarika and superstar Kamal Haasan’s light eyed, fiery natured daughter, is days away from debuting into bollywood. She is used to all the attention, having performed live with her own maiden ... read more

Imran’s daredevil stunt

We all know Imran Khan as a chocolate tee boy but when his new flick, ‘Luck’ will unveil in the theatre, he will amaze everyone with his daring stunt. Yes, Imran Khan is performing a dangerous stunt i ... read more

Salim-Suleiman's missing credits from LUCK

While Salim-Suleiman's soundtrack of the Soham Shah-directed Luck has scored fabulous reviews for hit tracks like Jee Le and Khuda Ya Veh, people were surprised that the background score of Luck has been credited ... read more

Gattu, Shruti like each other

Director Gattu and ‘Luck’ actress Shruti Haasan have a special feeling for one another Though they have not yet given their relationship the status of love, something special is surely cooking between ... read more

Imran recommends Shruti Haasan for LUCK

Shruti Haasan's debut in LUCK is certainly an eagerly awaited one. The young rock star and daughter of the veteran Kamal Haasan is looking stunning and remarkably confident in the promos while her Aazma Luck numb ... read more

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