All About Kidnap

Minissha Lamba refuses to don a bikini

‘Kidnap’ actress Minissha Lamba refused to walk the ramp in a bikini for her new flick, ‘Hum Tum Shabana’. She admits that there was a scene in the movie where she requires walking the ramp in a bikini but she turned down. In the movie, she is playing a model. Spea ... read more

Manyata upset over Sanjay kissing Vidya

All’s not well in Sanjay Dutt and Manyata’s wedded life. Sanjay was caught kissing his co-star Vidya Malvade in Kidnap and the scene hasn’t gone down well with Sanjay’s wife Manyata, who w ... read more

Kidnap Movie Trailer

Checkout Kidnap's trailer. The film stars Sanjay Dutt, Imran Khan, Vidya Malvade and Minissha Lamba in the lead and has been directed by Sanjay Gadhvi. Music is by Pritam. The movie releases on 2nd Oct along with Drona.  ... read more

Imran, Minissha can't remain separately

Young and dynamic Imran Khan had a ball shooting with sensuous Minissha Lambha for Kidnap. They got along so well that sometimes the director had a tough time managing the two. He many a times had to disrupt thei ... read more

Aamir Khan watches Kidnap

The official trials of the keenly awaited Kidnap for distinguished industry folk have started in Mumbai. Most of them are being held at Yashraj Studios including one held on Thursday evening.  However, one m ... read more

Mamu Aamir refrain Imran from jumping

Mama, Bhanja shares a good rapport. We all know how much Aamir mamu love his nephew Imran, he has launched in his home production and went far and wide to promote his bhanja’s debut film. A recent incident ... read more