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Santoshi captures Ajay on real life sets for Halla Bol

Rajkumar Santoshi has always made Ajay Devgan do the unusual. In "Halla Bol", releasing in January, the actor plays a film star and to give a dose of reality to the character, the director had cameraman Nataraj Subramaniam trail Ajay at movie sets and functions. Santoshi told IANS: "The idea is ... read more

Rajkumar Samtoshi's Halla Bol based on politics

Nothing succeeds like success in Bollywood. Here, one is as good as his last movie. So director Rajkumar Santoshi, despite several hits earlier, is not considered hot property at present for obvious reasons. His last movie, "Family", bombed at the box-office even though it had two of the most s ... read more

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