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Is Isabella as hot as big sister Katrina?

Bollywood star often have siblings who are not so glamorous. But no such skeleton lingers in the cupboards of the Kaif sisters. Katrina Kaif has already captured the hearts and the fantasies of millions with her superb figure and unerring sense of style. She has become a Bollywood icon and the pr ... read more

Katrina’s sister Isabelle to debut in Salman’s movie

After playing Katrina Kaif’s mentor, Salman Khan is all set to launch his ex-flame Katrina Kaif’s sister Isabelle. For quite sometime, report was doing the rounds that Isabelle willing to enter Bollywood but there has been some confusion whether Katrina Kaif will launch her or some other filmmake ... read more

Salman all set to launch Katrina's sister Isabella

Salman Khan is rapidly earning the sobriquet of the Godfather of Bollywood as he had helped to launch the careers of several leading ladies including Katrina Kaif, Zarinne Khan, Sonakshi Sinha and others. The latest name to be added to this list is that of Isabelle, the sister to Katrina Kaif who ... read more