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Leading comic sequels to rock Bollywood

Movie freaks with a palate for relishing the time tested ingredients of B town flicks, are in for a fresh dose of rollicking entertainment and laughter with a series of comic sequels awaiting box office introduction. Quite a few comic strips planned as follow up to erstwhile entertainers to rock ... read more

The controversial films of 2011

In the world of glitz and glamour, controversy can hold all the aces. Other than making way for the much sought after publicity propaganda, controversy offers its necessary bit to help you be in the focus of limelight. Headline grabbing moves may not be always profitable, but there are flicks fr ... read more

Leading newsmakers of 2011

Bollywood along with its substantially powerful rumor mill looks after the amazing eventfulness of life. By virtue of this eventful news maker, you can steer clear of life’s accompanying dullness because there is a spate of news to keep you well chilled out. 1. Aishwarya-Abh ... read more

Growing popularity of rock songs

One can hardly deny the role of B town flicks in ensuring the wide spread popularity and acceptance of rock song- a genre of music which was once partially accepted by the musical minded Orientals. With the increasing influence of urbanity on Hindi movies, the corresponding influence of rock son ... read more

Male bonding- a popular theme in Bollywood films

Friendship themes on celluloid have always initiated a lot of interest and curiosity amongst movie-buffs. Almost all genres of films have used this popular theme and continue to do so. Bollywood films have always encashed on male bonding and rightly so. Let us go down memory lane to enlist such m ... read more

Bollywood inspiring South Indian movie industry

While there are a lot of instances where the Bollywood movie industry has looked southwards to for new movie ideas , the Bollywood –Tollywood  connection is now growing even more stronger with Tollywood  getting inspired by many Hindi movies. We can recall that the recent Bolly r ... read more

Aamir Khan pokes fun at Anil Kapoor

Aamir Khan’s style in the item song in ‘Delhi Belly’ has been inspired from many Bollywood stars and the actor said that the chest hair that he has inscribed in the song has been inspired from Anil Kapoor. The perfectionist least knows that his acceptance would not be taken spo ... read more

Aamir to pair up with Imran for 'Delhi Belly' sequel

On looking at the good response of ‘Delhi Belly’, Aamir Khan has decided to make sequel to ‘Delhi Belly’ to be directed by Kiran Rao. If everything falls in the place then this will be Aamir Khan’s first film with his nephew Imran Khan. The other star casts of the f ... read more