De Dhana Dhan

All About De Dhana Dhan

Katrina’s saree malfunction

Director Priyadarshan and choreographer Pony Verma had a hard time managing the scene when Katrina’s saree shrunk more than it should be while shooting a rain song with Akshay Kumar. Due to the long shoot i ... read more

Katrina goes wet and sexy with Akshay

Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar are box office most lovable couple. They have starred in many successful films together but Katrina never shed her inhibition and perform romantic scene with Akshay but in Priyadarsh ... read more

Katrina Kaif injured

Serene beauty Katrina Kaif met with an accident while doing an underwater stunt with Akshay Kumar for Priyadarshan's De Dhana Dhan. Few days back, she was badly injured when Ranbir Kapoor unknowingly slapped her ... read more

Katrina gets hurt

Serene beauty Katrina Kaif is prone to injury. First, she hurt her leg for a film shoot and now she has again injured herself on the set of Priyadarshan ‘De Dhana Dhan’. While doing a dance step with ... read more

Akshay treats Katrina like a baby

Akshay Kumar-Katrina Kaif is said to be a golden on-screen couple after Shahrukh-Kajol. The pair has delivered number of hits and in casting opposite each other number of times, they have developed a soft corner ... read more