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Akshay Kumar jumps off an 80 feet clock tower in London

Akshay Kumar loves to perform his own stunts and gets a thrill doing his own stunts. He prefers not to use a body double and do his stunts himself. Recently actor Akshay Kumar did a daring stunt in Bhagam Bhag himself, but the others actors were apprehensive to do the same stunt. Akshay had to jump ... read more

Bhagam Bhag is due for Release on December 22

Priyadarshan, uncrowned comedy king, is back with another tour-de-force Bhagam bhag all set for release in the merry Christmas season on December 22. Bhagam Bhag, produced by Shree Ashtavinayak CineVision Pvt Ltd stars an unusual combo of actors, adding to its surprise element. One will see for the ... read more