Tumhari Sulu

‘Tumhari Sulu’ starring versatile Vidya Balan is entertaining and it talks about a happy-go-lucky house-wife most apt to call a woman to wish to have her own identity and takes pride in participating any game and win awards. Vidya Balan nails as a character of Sulochana aka Sulu. ‘Tumhari Sulu’ delivers entertaining from the first to the last. The film is a well balanced to happy and emotional moments. It did not have the feeling of overfed. The narrative is superlative and it revolves around the life of Sulochana.

Let’s enter into the very interesting and fun-filled life of Sulochana, who never steps back to establish her own identity.  12th failed Sulu might not be able to bag bank job like her two sisters, Aaradhna and Kalpana but she has created a world of appreciation for herself. She finds happiness in every achievement and always craves for newness in life.

Sulu takes part in every activities like from lemon and spoon race, to musical chairs, to fastest vegetable cutter, to something like ‘seeti bajao inaam paoo’ contest on radio etc. She does everything to fulfil her dream. Her husband Ashok (Manav Kaul) encourages her wife to fulfil her dream and boost up her confidence while their teenage son Pranav (Abhishek Sharma) filled he lived in a mad family.

Winning a pressure cooker in a radio contest proved life changing moment for Sulu. She was asked to collect the prize from the office. She was overwhelmed to meet her favorite RJ Albeli Anjali, played by real-life RJ Malishka. She also meets Maria (Neha Dhupia) who heads the FM station. And impressed by her voice quality, Sulu bags the job of night RJ. Back home, she begins to train herself to speak in a sexy and husky voice.

Things were going pretty well but son Sulu became hot favourite among the listeners. Listeners connect with Sulu easily. If on one hand Sulu’s professional career sprung then on the other hand her personally life got upset.  Her late night shows in radio was objected by family members and her personally life took a toll due to the nature of the job although her husband supports her in her endeavour. Soon the story shifts from comedy to serious.

Speaking about the performances, saree clad Vidya Balan is a delight to watch out for. Her naughtiness, expression, acting was top-notch. Other artists like ManavKaul, Neha Dhupia played their part well.

Director by Suresh Triveni leaves no room for complaint. However, it is not a watertight script and audience would definitely crave for more.

Well, we suggest go and see ‘Tumhari Sulu’ for Vidya Balan as you will fall in love with her character.