Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic

Thoda Pyaar Thoda MagicThe film takes you to the world of fantasy. It is a total family picture where the entire family can sit and watch it together. It will make you feel relax and undoubtedly, the audience will come out from the theatre with a smile on their face. The film has loads of fun and it is aimed to both children and adults. has beautifully implicated the entertainment element in it and strictly restricted rona-dhona. It has a load of magic and of course some amount of pyaar too.   

Kunal has already proved himself a good story teller through Hum Tum and Fanaa. He has again roped his Hum Tum pair and to play the prime characters as they share a fabulous on-screen chemistry and they have been liked and accepted by one and all. The film is light-hearted and it will take you to the world of Disney. Rani, Saif and the four naughty and cute children will fill up your three hours with delight. 

It is a story of Ranbeer (Saif Ali Khan) who craved for love from childhood as he lost his dear ones at an early age and brought up in an asylum. He was a jewel who achieved lots of medals for his academic excellence. He won everything in life but lost everyone whom he wanted near by. One day, life took a u-turn when unknowingly he took the life of the parents of the four children. Ranbeer had to appear before the court for judgment and the court summoned him to take the charge of upbringing those naughty children or otherwise he has to face the consequence. Expecting court’s decision, his life became a hell. The four children lifted the entire house on his head. He was frustrated like never before. 

Saif fails to win over the heart of the children and they also feel Ranbeer guilty and do not cooperate with him at all. When life became a hell for all five of them, they started to pray to God for a miracle. God listened to them and immediately send for an angel, Geeta () who through her magical power ignited love in the heart of the children for Ranbeer. Gradually, Ranbeer also started to love them. Unknowingly, she also developed a soft corner for Ranbeer and both fell in love.  

did a great job with the film. Keeping the entertainment element intact, he had sent the exact message of the film. He has again showed his prowess in handling any extraordinary script. To extract acting from the four children is a mammoth task but Kunal through his frankly nature brought out the desired work from them.  Speaking about the performances of Rani and Saif, Rani as usual superbly portrayed her own part flawlessly and efficiently. Saif is remarkable on his part.   

On the whole, is a magical film which will provide you full fun and masti. Due to the entertainment factor, the film is expected to run for week long. It will attract the audience to the nearest theatre. People will feel to smile, make fun after viewing the film.