The Killer

The Killer has been produced under the Vishesh Films banner by Mukesh Bhatt. The film has been directed by first-time directors Hasnain Hyderabadwala and Raksha Mistry and is a thriller. The flick has been inspired by Hollywood film Collateral starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx. The plot of the film has a very Hollywood feel and hence it is definitely interesting to check out how our bollywood directors have adapted the script to suit the tastes of Indian audiences. Well the bollywood version has been adapted quite well and the basic masala of a love story, song and dance is thrown into this thriller which has the main plot of a killer and a cab driver. Being inspired by another film is fine so long as the audiences’ the director is catering to is appreciative of the film. The Killer is an above average film that although a copy still manages to at least get your attention.

The film stars the Bhatt blue-eyed boy Emraan Hashmi, the talented Irfan Khan and the relatively new chick in tinseltown Nisha Kothari. Irfan Khan (Vikram) plays the killer, who is a thorough professional and considers his killing profession as just another job. With such a talented actor by his side, Emraan too bucks up a bit and gives an able performance. Emraan (Nikhil) is a normal run of the mill kind of guy with small dreams; he is also a taxi driver. Nisha (Rhea) is a sweet bar dancer who plays Emraan’s love interest. Sajid-Wajid has given the music score for the film but has unfortunately only delivered a below average score, especially for a Bhatt film which generally has good music.

Nikhil is a silly but complying cab driver in Dubai. He dreams of collecting enough money to open up a travel agency and be with the love of his life Rhea (Nisha). Nikhil is going about his routine cabbie life and also managing to spend time with Rhea, when suddenly out of the blue his life takes a turn when a killer hires the confines of his cab. Vikram is smart, savvy and a professional killer and he has hired Emraan’s cab for the night so that he can aptly murder a few people who are soon to testify against don Jabbar. The don has a notorious track record in India and is being hunted by the cops. Now its contract killer Vikram’s job to eliminate the witnesses and he intends to carry out his job like a complete professional.

Nikhil who has no inkling of Vikram's intentions agrees to ferry him around Dubai and thus unknowingly gets trapped in a web of deceit and murder. When Nikhil does realise that he is being manipulated, he tries everything to extricate himself from this heinous crime but it is too late. He has now become part of the crime and no amount of rationalizing with the killer will get him off the hook. Nikhil further gets entangled in the web as time passes by. Nikhil now has to don a new avatar to deal with this professional killer; he has to outsmart him if he wants to get out of this alive. Somewhere along even Rhea gets involved into the situation and now things become even more difficult for Nikhil. Will Nikhil save Rhea and himself from this killer and how?

The film begins on a slow pace but picks up in due course and soon enough it has managed to catch your interest. The script no doubt is lifted from a Hollywood flick, but newcomers Hasnain and Raksha have managed to do a fair job for their first venture. The film has been given a dose of the typical bollywood masala in bits and pieces. The duo’s style of direction brings through a genuine attempt and a capability to excel. The murder sequences have been aptly executed and even the chase sequences are fair. The most interesting aspect of the film is the chemistry between Irfan and Emraan. The banter between them in the cab is completely captivating.

There are of course the usual glaring illogical uses of creative liberties which at times prove a bit too much. The script in places does falter and could have been more crisp and fine tuned. The climax too is average but the execution manages to lift it a bit. The love angle too has not really been developed and incorporated well into the plot. Also the directors could have avoided lifting identical looking sequences from the Hollywood counterpart film. A little more creative thinking would have given that freshness to the film.

Nonetheless the direction has been done well and this is visible in several sequences like the part where Emraan gets emotional about the murder of his friend, the scene where the killer and Nikhil go to meet the mother of Nikhil and the amazing confidence of Emraan when he goes to meet with the deadly don Jabbar. The music is average but two songs which manage to stand out are ‘Teri Yaadon Mein’ and ‘O Sanam’. The others are more of situational tracks but give Nisha a chance to gyrate about. However at times the songs do interrupt the narrative. The dialogues by Sanjay Masoom are exceptional and play a major role in making the film interesting. The dialogues between Irfan and Emraan are witty, sarcastic and downright blunt. Cinematography has highlighted the lovely locales of Dubai and is pleasant.

Irfan Khan is an extremely talented actor who manages to convey several emotions even through his expressions and eyes. His witty sarcasm, matter of fact attitude and eccentricities gives the film a big boost. He has portrayed the role of a professional killer with extreme capability and even the way he has delivered several of his lines are completely commendable. Emraan Hashmi proves his acting skills only when he stands up to Irfan and decides not to be dormant but hit back at the killer. Emraan has definitely improved with each film and is gradually starting to display his acting capabilities. An average performance from Emraan. Unfortunately the female lead Nisha Kothari does not get too much scope for acting at all but is subjected to sheer eye candy. She looks good but has far too much to learn in the acting department. Zakir Hussain as the don Jabbar is fair.

Hasnain and Raksha definitely make one take notice of their capabilities in their very first film. The Killer has been directed ably and is an interesting watch. At the box-office though the film may do average as it has not been promoted on a large scale like all other Bhatt films and Emraan Hashmi as an actor still cannot pull in extremely large crowds.