Sarkar Raj

Sarkar RajMaking sequel with the same power, thrill and efficiency is like walking on a sharp edge as people are allergic to the subject matter of sequels and remaking because those subjects hardly stand up to their expectation. When Ramgopal Varma announced sequel to Sarkar which was a critically acclaimed film, people decided for a no show out of fear that Ramu may not again betray them with a horrible disaster like Ramgopal Varma Ki Aag. But the promos, press conference and music launch of the film arose curiosity in them and they went ahead to try the film at least once, they got ready to put their hard earned money into it. But as the film unfolds, they cannot stop raving Ramu, soon it followed by a huge round of applause. lives up to that expectation of the people which they never expected to happen.

As the three Bachchans enrolled into one, some miracle was expected to happen but the amount was immeasurable. With the superb performance of the three versatile stars, the Bachchans had proved that they are the kings of the Bollywood, capable of handling any toughest project easily. The filmmakers who are unsure to cast them in their future projects should remove all their negative thinking and sign them immediately until they get busy with other projects and fail to give them dates. In a nutshell, turns to be Bachchan Raj. Ramgopal Varma has been able to bring into forefront the power of Amitabh, the capability of Abhishek and the acting potential of Aishwarya.

A disruption erupt in the kingdom of Subhash Nagre (
) popularly known as when Anita Rajan (Aishwarya Bachchan), CEO of an international company stepped into their dominion with a proposal to build up a power plant in rural Maharashtra.  The path was not easy for Anita who was keen to take any risk as her ultimate aim was to earn profit and to take her company to the Zenith. Helped her in making her dream into reality was Shankar Nagre () son of . Shankar could easily predict the bright future prospect of the villagers with the launch of the projects but it was hard on his part to convince Sarkar who lead life according to the rules made by his own.

Finally, Shankar was able to convince him and they began to think alike. Anita and Shankar all set to sway the villagers to form a positive attitude regarding the project. But path was not easy as they though; foes sprung up against their plan and then started the story of bloodshed and enmity. People like Hassan Qazi (Govind Namdeo) and Chief Minister Kanga (Shayaji Shinde) whose ultimate dream was to ruin used the power plant an issue to create furor everywhere and to induce negativity in the minds of the villagers.

As the story proceeds forward, it grips the attention of the audience. There are many interesting trivia of the film that are regarded top-notch, for instance, when Aishwarya comes in contact with Abhishek for the first time regarding the projects, when Ash comes to Amitabh’s residence and tries to explain him the benefits of the projects, the bribe scene of Abhishek and Govind Namdeo are fabulous. Those and many other scenes describe Ramu’s flawless direction.

Though the backdrop of the film is political but he had kept a good balance of emotional front too. He bounced back successfully and replied back hard to those who challenged his directional capability. He surely deserves number of kudos. Prashant Pandey’s tremendous script writing, Amar Mohile’s excellent background scoring, Amit Roy’s first-rate cinematography and Allan Amin superb action require special mention because without their outstanding work the outcome of may never be stupendous.

Aishwarya Bachchan is like never seen before. She has given her all time best. She had shut the mouth of those who only appreciated her look and sidelined her acting. Amitabh is as usual excellent and given large space for Abhishek to perform and beta Abhi equally did a good job. The other star cast of the film like Govind Namdeo, Shayaji Shinde, Tanisha played their part well.

By and large, the collection of at the box office will be satisfactory for the superb storyline, Ash-Abhi pairing and their performances. Devoid of song, dance and comedy, is expected to rule theaters and multiplexes. It will definitely break all the past record history of sequel making and create a new record.