Right Yaaa Wrong

The promo of Right Yaaa Wrong doesn’t offer much hype or create much expectation but when the film unfolds and moves forward, it builds interest and creates eagerness to look forward. Star factor does not work here but storyline is very strong. There are many twists and turns that grips the interest of the audience. As the story moves forward, the interest level and thrill thickens.

The story depicts the conflict between two close friends and how they justify their stands. When the question of law comes, friendship takes a backburner. Dealing with both right and wrong subject is not a matter of joke but the director has showed his prowess to balance both the factor with utter confidence. The outcome was fabulous. It’s a genuine request, don’t go with the promo but go to taste the difference.

The story begins from a flashback. Ajay (Sunny Deol) and Vinay (Ifran Khan) are two close friends. Both are from the same professional background. They are top cops of Goa police and closest buddy but their thinking and dealing with criminals and looking into the case are not alike. Ajay is hot headed and takes decision instantly while Vinay is cool and analyze things very deeply from different angle. Ajay is married to Anshita (Isha Koppikar) for 10 years and blessed with a kid whereas Vinay is unmarried. Everything was fine until Ajay comes to know the shocking fact that his wife Anshita is having a physical relationship with his step brother Sanjay (Sanjay Singh).

In the meanwhile, he has been shot by a dying goon Borris (Aryan Vaid). The two bullets made Ajay paralyzed and he was confined to wheelchair. Frustrated Ajay asked his wife and brother to kill him and take away the insurance money of Rs 5 crore that is claim on his name. It was all part of Ajay’s game plan to trap his cheater wife and brother. Accordingly, Anshita and Sanjay tried to kill Ajay but Ajay’s plan worked out and instead Ajay shot both of them. He executed the plan in such a way that no evidence left behind. But his cop friend Vinay able to smell some wrong in Ajay and he investigated the case. There created a barrier between the two friends. In this period of crisis, the one that helped him out was Vinay’s lawyer sister Radhika (Konkona Sen). In which direction the case proceeds and what happens to the two friends forms the rest of the story.

Writer turned director Neeraj Pathak’s handling of the script was flawless and extraordinary. Neeraj has been able to catch up the nerve of the audience. His way of telling the simple and complex portion of the story was spectacular. It was slow at the beginning but post interval, the story catches interest. With this film, he has proved that he can be a good director in future. Monty Sharma’s music was worth mentioning.

Speaking about performances, Sunny Deol is a fine actor and here too he has showed his acting caliber. Irfan Khan is a natural actor and he has well depicted his part. Isha Koppikar was good in her bad role. Konkona Sen’s entry was fantastic, she has justified the role.

On the whole, Right Yaaa Wrong is a right film to watch. Due to less popular star cast, the film may not get the due credit. But the motto of the film is unusual and it is not a bad film to watch out. Box office collection won’t be promising. Apart from multiplexes, small theatres will also invite some audiences.