Raabta’ is a romantic drama revolving around the theme of reincarnation starring Sushant Singh Rajput, Kriti Sanon, Jim Sarbh, Varun Sharma, Rajkumar Rao. It is the directorial debut of well-known producer Dinesh Vijan.

Shiv (Sushant) is a typical Punjabi guy who lands a job as a banker in a foreign country. He is a ‘lady-killer’, but when he comes across Saira (Kriti) at her patisserie, he feels an inexplicable connection with her. Saira too has similar feelings and the duo is instantly drawn towards each other like long-lost lovers, and they get into a whirlwind romance. Saira has lost her parents in a car crash and is troubled by strange nightmares. Saira happens to meet a rich and handsome, but eccentric business tycoon Zakir Merchant aka Zak (Jim Sarbh) and feels a sort of connection with the mysterious looking man. Meanwhile Shiv goes out of town for a conference, but is heartbroken when on his return finds that Saira has left her and is about to marry the billionaire Zakir. In reality, Zakir has held her hostage in his private island.

The film goes into flash back mode when Saira, in her attempt to escape from Zakir’s captivity, jumps into the sea and her past life and the reason for her strange nightmares flashes before her. Centuries ago, Saira was a tribal princess and the love interest of Zakir, while Shiv was a warrior from a warring tribe who came with the intention of invading her kingdom. But in the turn of events, the princess and the warrior fall in love and get married. An enraged Zakir kills Shiv, Saira dies in an attempt to save him, and Zakir kills himself so that he can win back his love in another life. It is here that Rajkumar Rao’s 302-year-old character makes a blink-and-miss appearance as a soothsayer.

Back in the present, Shiv manages to save Saira and they run away from Zakir’s reaches to be together. It remains to be seen whether Zakir repeats the past and separates the lovers, or comes to terms with reality.

The theme of reincarnation, lovers separated in past life reuniting in present, has been dealt with is several movies, but it still manages to catch the fancy audience due to an air of mystery surrounding it. So, the basic plot of ‘Raabta’ doesn’t have any freshness. The beginning of the movie is easy breezy revolving around the romance of Shiv and Saira. There is also some humour thrown in here and there. Zakir’s entry brings in the air of mystery and trouble, but the script suffers from a lot of loop holes and is logic defying. With such a stale plot-line, the film at over two hours seems stretched. While some dialogues are clever, the ones in the past life sequence have a peculiar accent. But there are some well-shot and elaborate action sequences in the second part, the past life. Also, the film has been shot in the picturesque locales of Hungary and the amazing cinematography makes the film a visual treat. While it is a technically sound film, the narrative is the weak link.

The film primarily deals with the three characters played by Sushant, Kriti and Jim Sarbh. Sushant is a good-looking actor and he has put in a lot of hard work to get the physique for the part of the warrior. He is charming and the cockiness is probably a part of his character. Kriti has also put up a natural act. Both Sushant and Kriti share a comfortable and crackling chemistry and they form the best part of the film. Jim, who impressed in his debut ‘Neerja’, makes an impact with his mysterious and menacing look, but he has trouble with dialogue delivery. Rajkumar Rao deserves a mention for undergoing all the effort of prosthetic make-up, just for a brief appearance. Other supporting actors and random characters do their job well.

‘Raabta’ is a good-looking film with beautiful frames, good-looking actors and their convincing acting, besides some nice songs. It will certainly appeal to those who love hardcore romance and fantasy.