Patiala House

Patiala HouseCricket has always been a source of inspiration for Indian filmmakers. In the past, many films were made with cricket at its backdrop, ‘Lagaan’, ‘Iqbal’, ‘Victory’. ‘’ is also has cricket as its backdrop but has been treated differently. Keeping the sport as base, conflict between father-son has been shown and the movie also speaks about racism.

Expectation from the film is high as it is a starrer film, moreover for the first time Akshay and Anushka is paired together. With the world cup round the corner, enthusiasm to see a film based on bat and ball is another factor that goes in favor of the film. Though ‘Chandi Chowk To China’ doomed at the box office, excitment to see Akki and director together has not dried down.

The story is about a large family residing in Southhall, a London Suburb. Gurtej Kahlon () hates firangis to the zenith as 17 years ago his family was subjected to racism attack in which he lost one of his close relatives. Post the incident, he cannot stand the goras at all. If in such situation his son becomes desperate to play for them, it’s obvious that it would be a sweltering situation. 34-year-old Parghat Singh Kahlon aka Gattu () is a good fast bowler and he wishes to play for the England team but due to this strict father, he has to give up his dream.

Gattu works in a Southhall corner store for years now but he always face the insult of his family as he could not rise in life. Despite his father’s opposition, Gattu’s love and passion for cricket did not dry down. Secretly, he used to practice cricket. Boosting him to chase his passion is his friend and neighbor Simran () and her small brother (Z). Will Gattu give up his dream for his father strict authority or move forward towards his goal forms the rest of the story.

Nikhil has well lifted the congestion of Gattu, whether to cherish his dream and go against his family. The motivation of Simran and Z to follow his dream is well directed. The conflict between father and son also well scripted.

Manan Sagar's editing is fine. Cinematography by Santosh Thundiyil is fabulous. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy's music is ear-soothing.

Speaking about performances, has done full justice to the role. He has showed maturity in performing the emotional turmoil experiencing within himself and his zest for the game. Moreover, he has delivered the ball like an ace bowler which is also very important since he has to do justice to the sport.

is also very convincing and she has played her part with full perfection. as usual delivers his best. is superlative. Armaan Kirmani as Akshay's brother is outstanding, Jeneva Talwar as Armaan's pregnant wife, Akshay's sis-in-law is outstanding and Usman Qureshi playing Akshay's earlier years is natural. Tinnu Anand, Prem Chopra, Soni Razdan does a fair job. The kid who plays Anushka's brother is smart and natural.

In the nutshell, ‘’ is good watch. You will relate to the characters and the plot. Family bonding, conflict between father and son, sports, motivation of dear ones are well scripted and very convincing. Akshay will come back to the track with this film after some recent flops and Anushka can expect another hit with ‘’. It is a heart-warming film and a good watch with family and friends as fun is assured.