Amidst severe protests across few parts of India, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘magnum opus ‘Padmaavat’ finally hit the theatres on January 26. With the release of the film, few objectionable scenes questioned by the karni sena was answered and the audience got to know, who is wrong Bhansali or the fringe groups. Well, keeping the turmoil or the hullaballoo surrounded the periodic drama aside, we can say that ‘Padmaavat’ is magical, magnificent and grandeur which portrays Rajput in the highest level, glorifying their pride, courage and elegant.

‘Padmaavat’ is a story of love, sacrifice, obsession and pride. The story is told very beautifully and is a visual treat to the eyes.

The film opens with Alauddin Khilji (Ranveer Singh), who is no less than a demon, tyrant crossing all the limits of brutality.  His uncle Jalaluddin Khilji (Raza Murad) asked Alauddin to just bring a feather of Ostrich but Allauddin brought a chain-cuffed ostrich to his uncle in the darbar, proving how ruthless is he.

Allauddin is also an avaricious womaniser. He first gets married to Mehrunissa (Aditi Rao Hydari). When his  slave-cum-companion Malik Kafur (Jim Sarbh) informed him about the beauty of Rani Padmavati (Deepika Padukone), he became uncontrollable. The flame to marry Rani Padmavati, the princess of Singhal started burning bright in Allaudin's heart and at any cost he wants to fulfill his wish. But Rani Padmini is married to Rawal Ratan Singh (Shahid Kapoor), the King of Chittor who is a true Rajput prince, known for his bravery and pride.

Alauddin Khilji becomes obsessed to marry Rani Padmavati and crosses every limit of brutality to have Rani Padmini in his life. What follows next is a superlative visualization of love, passion, pride, war, hatred, fierce and sacrifice.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Prakash Kapadia lifted up Rajputana pride and bravery. ‘Padmaavat’ is Bhansali’s masterpiece which needs to be watched and appreciated. It is yet another example of his deep-root research, exceptional visionary and picturization. Every character is studied well and brought alive on the silver screen. ‘Padmaavat’ justifies his larger than life approach. The periodic drama has several breath-taking moments.

Speaking about the performances, Ranveer Singh as Allauddin Khilji is mesmerizing. He has justified his role as audience will love to hate him till the end. His madness, dance, cruelty, his body language was all top-rated.  

Shahid Kapoor campions as Rawal Ratan Singh. He was calm, firm and full of pride. He is known for his honour and fought till the last breath of his life. He has done full justice to the role of Rajput prince.

Deepika Padukone nails as Rani Padmavati. She looked exceptionally gorgeous. Her poise nature was her ornaments. Apart from looking deadly gorgeous, Deepika enacted the role with sheer brilliance. She was outstanding. She was excellent in the ghoomar dance.

Other actors like Jim Sarbh, Aditi Rao Hydari, Raja Murad were all incredible and gave a commendable performance.

Talking about the production values, huge amount was spent on ‘Padmaavat’ to exhibit the Rajputana allure. Sudeep Chatterjee’s cinematography is mind-blowing and very captivating. The 3D technology makes the magnum opus a delightful watch.

‘Padmaavat’ is a grandeur in every respect. Watch the mammoth project and celebrate the Rajputana pride.