OK Jaanu

OK Jaanu’ is a hard-core romantic drama remade from Mani Ratnam’s Tamil blockbuster ‘O Kadal Kanmani’. It has been directed by Shaad Ali and stars Aditya Roy Kapur, Shraddha Kapoor, Naseeruddin Shah and Leela Samson, who reprises her role from Tamil original. The movie deals with the dilemma a young and ambitious couple in a live-in relationship faces, when they have to choose between love and companionship on one hand, and their respective careers on the other.  

Aditya Gunjal aka Adi (Aditya Roy Kapur) is a videogame developer with a dream to make it big in the US. Tara Agnihotri is an architecture and has her eyes set in Paris for further studies. Both are career oriented and are averse to the idea of marriage because of personal reasons. The film begins with a brief chance-encounter between the two when Adi saves a ‘suicidal’ Tara from jumping in front of a local train. Fate brings them together again at Adi’s friend Jenny’s wedding at a church where they hit it off. After dating each other and a trip together, Adi and Tara decide to move in together, till the time they are in Mumbai with the condition that neither will “haq jatao” on the other. They start living-in at Adi’s place who is a paying guest at the house of retired judge Gopi Shrivastav (Naseeruddin Shah) and his classical-singer wife Charulata (Leela Samson), who is an Alzheimer’s patient. The elderly couple grows fond of the young couple, who enjoy their carefree love and romance with ‘no strings attached’. Then the day comes when Adi and Tara’s careers come calling, but they find it difficult to leave each other’s company. Under the light of the caring and affectionate love and companionship between the elderly couple, Adi and Tara didn’t realise when their no-strings-attached relationship transformed into deep love and care for each other.

Will Adi and Tara choose their high-flying beckoning careers over their love for each other? Does their perception regarding marriage ever change? The answers lie further in the movie.

‘OK Jaanu’ has a very tried-and-tested plotline and hence is predictable. In fact, ‘Befikre’ which released last month also had similar plot, of course with the exception of the parallel and contrasting love story of the elderly couple. The film apparently plays safe, ultimately conforming to the ultimate societal validation for a couple in love. But good thing about the movie is its lead pair, Aditya and Shraddha who display an amazing and comfortable chemistry between them, which is very much essential for a love story. The screenplay, which is exactly like its Tamil version with a few changes post interval, is also taut. The cinematography is stunning with the city of Mumbai, its iconic locations, local trains, double-decker busses – everything is beautifully captured and make the film visually appealing. Music also plays a role in lifting the film. There is proper sprinkle of humour and emotion, and the dialogues are decent.

‘OK Jaanu’ has minimum character and all of them have been played by good and talented actors. Aditya and Shraddha are believable in their roles, but Naseeruddin Shah as the strict but caring father-like landlord, and Leela Samson as the Alzhimer’s striken woman steal the show. Leela’s act is heart-wrenching. Kitu Gidwani as Tara’s estranged mother appears in a miniscule role and does her part well.

Overall, ‘OK Jaanu’ is a good-looking, entertaining movie and die-hard romantics will enjoy the film.