Anees Bazee’s ‘Mubarakan’ is a laugh riot. The film will tickle your funny bones but at the same time he has few dull moments. The most exciting part is that it brings together the real chacha-bhatija combination, Anil Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor. For the first time Anil and Arjun are sharing screen space and the excitement among the audience was sky-high. 

As we all know Anees’s movies are usually a perfect blend of humor and emotions and with ‘Mubarakan’ also he tried to incorporate the two most essential credentials but the outcome was not as expected. The movie can’t be grade equal to ‘Pyar Toh Hona Hi Tha’, ‘Singh Is King’ or ‘Welcome’. But we can’t deny that there is newness in the script. Like his earlier outings, ‘Mubarakan’ also has too much confusion.

It is a multi-starrer movie with two Arjun Kapoors, Ileana D'Cruz, Neha Sharma and Athiya Shetty and last but not the least Anil Kapoor.

The story revolves around identical twins, Karan and Charan both played by Arjun Kapoor. They are orphaned and raised in two different countries. Karan was brought up by their aunt Jeeto (Ratna Pathak) in London while their uncle Baldev (Pavan Malhotra) raised Charan in Punjab respectively. Karan and 
Charan lost their parents at a very young age in a road accident. Karan and Charan were brothers but raised up as cousins. 

Their youngest uncle, Kartar Singh played by Anil Kapoor is a pure Punjabi at heart and leads a hi-fi   bachelor life in London with his English but Punjabi-speaking manager Jolly. As years passed on, Karan grows up as a cool London guy fallen in love with Sweety (Ileana D’Cruz) while Karan grows as a pure desi guy dating Muslim girl Nafisa (Neha Sharma). 

Problem started when Jeeto and Baldev finalized the marriages of their respective sons. Charan's family planned his marriage with Binkle (Athiya Shetty) - daughter of their Sikh family friend (Rahul Dev) settled in London. Both Karan and Charan struggles to tell their respective parents that they are already seeing someone.

Soon, Kartar Singh (Anil Kapoor), their youngest chacha comes into the picture to resolve the confusion driving his red car which reads ''You are chasing a Punjabi,'' carrying a dummy. Thereafter fun, tension, confusion all comes into the picture, making a hotchpotch of the characters.

Director Anees Bazmee is as usual brilliant, he again proved that he is a good story-teller. Huge money is spent on making the film and it is quite noticeable. .
Himman Dhamija and Jitan Harmeet Singh's cinematography is eye-catching. Rameshwar S. Bhagat's editing is top-notch. Subodh Srivastava's costume designing deserves applause. 

Speaking about the performances, Anil Kapoor was superlative. He just clean bowled everyone in respect of versatility and energy. Arjun Kapoor is a good performer and in ‘Mubarakan’ also he proved his acting potential. Ileana, Neha Sharma and Athiya Shetty are also equally good. Ratna Pathak and Pawan Malhotra are experienced actors. They are above any ratings.

In the nutshell, ‘Mubarakan; is a fun-filled movie, provides full dose of entertainment  but with few dull moments. But it is a good watch and highly recommended for the family.