Meri Pyaari Bindu

Meri Pyaari Bindu’ is a light-hearted romance starring Ayushmann Khurrana, Parineeti Chopra, Rajatava Dutta Aparajita Adhya, Abish Mathew, Malvika Sitlani and Prakash Belawadi. It has been directed by Akshay Roy.

Abhimanyu Roy aka Bubla (Ayushmann) is a banker turned successful writer of horror novels with elements of erotica, but is depressed struggling with a severe case of writer’s block. He has been trying to write a novel for three years. Meanwhile, his parents in Kolkata (played by Rajatava Dutta Aparajita Adhya) lie to him about their divorce to call him home. Abhi naturally is angry over his parents for lying to him, but his home and city brings back memories of his past and the times spent with his lively neighbour Bindu whom he loved madly. He discovers an old mix-tape of songs that he and Bindu made together as a memory of their relationship. Abhi makes up his mind to write about his own love story for his next novel.

From here, the movie keeps on going into flashbacks as Abhi narrates about Bindu from their first meeting as five-year-olds when she comes to stay in their neighbouring house. Abhi was smitten by Bindu at the first sight and the duo become close friends and gradually lovers. But Bindu is a free-spirited girl who lives on her own terms and is commitment phobic. She wants to become a famous singer, but always leaves everything incomplete. Abhi, head-over-heels in love with Bindu, does everything that makes her happy. Abhi and Bindu are poles apart, yet they share a relationship so deep that no one can else can replace each other in their lives. However, due to a turn of events, Bindu shifts abroad leaving Abhi heartbroken. They do try to keep in touch but while Bindu moves on, he is unable to forget her. Whether Abhi’s unrequited love is fulfilled or not forms the rest of the story.   

The story of ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’ is very simple – boy meets girl, become friends, turn lovers, drift apart, then meet again… The interesting part is that as Abhi narrates his and Bindu’s love story, the film links each phase of the duo’s life with old Bollywood classics. The first part, mostly in flashbacks, is breezy and keeps the audience invested, but it becomes confusing and convoluted as it progresses and starts to drag in the second half. The movie shines in parts, it has happy and comical moments, funny one liners and good dialogues. The narrative keeps oscillating between present and past which adds to the confusion. It is also technically sound and the characters are realistic. The visuals are great and the flavour and culture of Kolkata is captured well.   

Despite the confusing narrative, Auyshmann and Parineeti hold strong and give their hundred percent to their roles. Ayushmann carries Bengali writer Abhi with ease and his charming. Parineeti also shines as the character is close to herself – lively, chirpy and energetic. She fits the role perfectly. Both of them share an easy and natural camaraderie on screen and look good together.   

Rest of the characters have also convincingly played their parts in their limited time frame.

‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’ overall is not a typical masala entertainer, but it has small valuable, cherish-able moments in the endearing tomfoolery of the lead pair. The film may be forgotten soon after watching it, but it is enjoyable till it lasts.