London Dreams

london dreams’ by Vipul Shah has many colors of life. The film has oodles of emotions. The film is broader in many senses. It is totally different from Vipul Shah’s earlier flicks like Namastey London, Sinngh Is King. The film speaks about rock band but not resemblance with Rock On. With music at the backdrop, many incidents go around. Conception was clear and was well executed by Vipul Shah.
Ajay and Salman came together after many years and they very well complimented each other.

Many hype and hoopla surrounds the film and to a very extent the film has been successful in keeping its promise. The film speaks about friendship and how two true friends’ turns into enemy. The film has been partially shot in India and partially in London. Vipul has caught the nerve of the film very well. As the film starts, it was plain but as it proceeds forward, the interest level heightens.

The film encircles around three characters Arjun (Ajay), Manu (Salman) and Priya (
). Arjun and Manu are childhood friends. Arjun has a great passion for music but his family hates him to get involved in music as this was the reason for his grandfather’s death. Arjun has been able to achieve his dream of becoming a great singer due to his uncle (Om Puri). He takes him to London.

Manu has an inborn talent in music but he hates to build his career in music and always involved in naughty activities. He makes money by playing his band at marriage ceremonies. Whereas Arjun approaches towards his dream slowly and forms a band with two Pakistani brothers (VJ’s Aditya and Ranvijay) and Priya (
). Arjun’s life slowly started to shape up and simultaneously he developed a special feeling for . But Arjun hides his feeling and did not reveal to Priya that he loves her.

On a visit to India, he brings Manu with him and made him to join the music band. Bringing Manu with him proves to be the biggest mistake of Arjun. Manu scores high in every department due to his inherent talent and Arjun felt sidelined. Not only that, Manu also wins over Priya’s heart. Arjun proved loser in every way. What happens to Arjun when his musical career destroyed and how does he blame Manu forms the rest of the story.

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy's music fails to rock. Vipul Shah handled the subject efficiently. He has well depicted the bonding of two friends, their tussle etc. Sejal Shah's cinematography is outstanding. Salim-Sulaiman's scores high in background music. 

Speaking about performances, the story is very much inclined to
. He plays the principal character and fulfills the demand of the script. was as usual superb. again rocks and her pairing with Salman was very much liked and appreciated.

On the whole, ‘
’ is a fun to watch. It’s a paisa wasool film and you will not feel bore at all. As the story proceeds, your interest level increases. It will invite huge crowd to the multiplexes and box-office collection also expected to be promising. Ajay and Salman’s chemistry again rocks.