Kucch Luv Jaisaa

Kucch Luv Jaisaa’ written and directed by Barnali Ray Shukla hit theatres on Friday. The story is about a married couple with diverse personality. The story opens up with an interesting note with a song describing the boring married life of the female protagonist and how she was just taken for granted at home by her hubby but as the movie moves forward, it soon loses it’s charm and excitement.

Barnali has taken very little time in introducing the characters and their life style. This is the first time has been cast as a female lead and she was quite promising. Her combination with was also very interesting.

plays the role of a married woman named Madhu Saxena. She is married to Sumeet Raghavan and is also a mother of two kids. Her world revolves around her hubby, children and household chores. Madhu is bored of her lifestyle. She craves for some changes which she could not find in the four walls of her house. Her hubby always remains busy with his work, hardly gives her enough time. In despair, Madhu underwent complete makeover on her birthday.

She expected a lovely birthday wish from her hubby on her birthday but he leaves for office without wishing her. Madhu decided to celebrate her birthday on her own. She bought a new car, changed to modern outfit and shopped clothes for her. Enjoying the transformation, Madhu went to a restaurant and there she met a guy named Raghav (), a criminal on the run. She though he is a detective and spend the day with him listening to his side of story. Raghav also pretends to be a detective so that he can escape from the police.

As said Barnali starts off the story well but ends without any thrill. It barely leaves an impression in one’s mind. Bobby Singh's cinematography is fine. Pritam's music is ear soothing. Hemanti Sarkar's editing was bit poor.

Speaking about performances, delivers her best. Her maturity in acting makes the film worth watching. was as usual very intense and superb. Neetu Chandra was wasted. Sumeet Raghavan was fine.

In the nutshell, ‘’ was worth watching to some level. Could have been much better.