‘Kahaani 2’

Kahaani 2’ is a suspense thriller directed by Sujoy Ghosh. The movie stars Vidya Balan, Arjun Rampal, Jugal Hansraj, Tota Roy Chowdhury, Kharaj Mukherjee and child artistes Naisha Khanna and Tunisha Sharma. It is the second instalment of 2012 blockbuster ‘Kahaani’, but has a fresh and independent story.

‘Kahaani 2’, set in the state of West Bengal, deals with the love of a mother for her child and the extent to which she can go to save her child, while touching on the sensitive topic of child abuse.

Vidya Sinha (Vidya Balan)’s life constitutes of taking care of her wheel-chair bound daughter Mimi (Naisha Khanna/Tunisha Sharma) and managing her work. One day she returns home to find her daughter missing. Soon, she receives a call from an unknown person telling her to rush to a particular place if she wants to see her daughter alive. But on her way, she meets with a major accident and goes into coma. Sub-inspector Inderjit Singh, who is given the charge of the case, visits the hospital to meet the victim and is baffled to see that Vidya’s face exactly resembles that of Durga Rani Singh whom he personally knew in the past. Meanwhile, his senior officer Pranab Haldar (Kharaj Mukherjee) informs him that a wanted criminal named Durga Rani Singh, charged with murder and kidnapping, was last spotted in the city. Indrajit finds it hard to believe that Durga could commit such a heinous crime. In course of investigation, he gets his hands on Vidya/Durga’s personal diary, and Indrajit is shocked to learn about the shocking things that took place in her and her daughter’s life. Meanwhile, Vidya comes out of coma and he is in a dilemma whether to stand up for justice or follow his duty and arrest Vidya alias Durga Rani Singh. The cops refuse to believe when she pleads them to save her kidnapped daughter, so she flees them to find and save her daughter herself.

Narrated in a non-linear manner, ‘Kahaani 2’ is engaging, thrilling and intriguing movie with a lot of twists and turns. The mysteries like who kidnaps Vidya’s daughter and why, the dual lives of Vidya Sinha and Durga Rani Singh, her relation with Indrajit, etc., keep unfolding gradually and keep the audience glued to the screen. The screenplay is fast-paced and taut, but starts to drag a bit just after the intermission, but picks up again. The dialogues are impactful. The scenes shot in real locations gives a sense of authenticity and the imagery of hill town of Kalimpong is beautiful. The remarkable background music adds to the nervousness and thrill of the film.

As for the performances, Vidya Balan gives a superb, next-to-flawless performance. She gets into the skin of her character effortlessly, de-glamed and shorn of make, and totally owns the film. She is also able to display an array of emotions and makes the audience feel for her. Arjun Rampal is also impressive and plays a cop with aplomb. His character has a hint of grey and he is believable. Jugal Hansraj plays the main antagonist Mohit Dewan. He makes his silver screen appearance after a long time. His performance is decent, but he could have been little more sinister. The two child actresses and other supporting actors also make their presence felt.

‘Kahaani 2’ may not be as impressive as its predecessor ‘Kahaani’, but the movie makes for an engaging watch and has the ability to give goosbumps.