Kaabil’ is a revenge thriller starring Hrithik Roshan, Yami Gautam, Ronit Roy, Rohit Roy, Narendra Jha and Girish Kulkarni. It has been directed by Sanjay Gupta.  

Rohan Bhatnagar (Hrithik) is a dubbing artiste and Supriya is a talented pianist. Both of them are blind. They meet for a blind date, fixed by a common friend. After a few more lovely encounters and a dance together, they fall in love and get married. ‘Two negatives may not make a positive’, but the couple has a positive attitude towards life. They do not treat their visual impairment as a handicap and live a happy life together. But a neighbourhood cad Amit Sheller (Rohit Roy) and his sidekick Wasim keep teasing them, and one day take advantage of Supriya’s lack of sight and rape her. Their hideous act shatters the beautiful world of the loving couple. In the hope of justice, Rohan files an FIR, but since Amit is the younger brother of local politician Madhavrao Sheller (Ronit Roy), the corrupt cops (Narendra Jha and Girish Kulkarni) drag their feet over the investigation. Meanwhile, suffering in humiliation, Supriya ends her life. This is when Rohan decides to take law into his own hands and avenge the death of his wife. Here begins the thrilling cat-and-mouse game.

‘Kaabil’ is a typical Bollywood entertainer, a formula film, where the protagonist wins at the end, and here too, Rohan triumphs in his mission. But even a known story when told interestingly, keeps the listeners/viewers engrosses, and this is what ‘Kaabil’ does. It keeps the audience guessing as to what is going to happen next. The movie can be clearly divided into two segments. The beginning develops the romance and love story of the lead couple, and the beautiful colours turn into dark shades just before the interval as the film enters the realm of a thriller. Emotions and actions are beautifully balanced, the action sequences are nicely choreographed and the scenes are shot well. The film has sharp and powerful dialogues and also subtle humour in certain scenes between Hrithik and Yami. There might seem some flaws in the scripting, but the fine execution and excellent performances by the cast, takes away the attention. The twist in the climax couldn’t be foreseen and it was very well executed, providing a good ending to the movie.

‘Kaabil’ belongs to Hrithik and he has given the finest performance so far. He is known for his good looks and taut body, but in the film, there are scenes where he ‘speaks’ with his body and face without uttering a word. To portray a blind character is quite challenging, and Hrithik owns Rohan. His act makes the audience root for him. He also shares a great chemistry with Yami, who complements him well with her subtle act.

Likewise, Ronit Roy also gets into his character and come across as so evil that audience hate, which serves the purpose. He has also nailed the Maharashtrian accent. Rohit Roy too gives a decent performance. Narendra Jha and Girish Kulkarni are natural and competent. Suresh Menon appears in a serious role and Akhilendra Mishra also plays his part well. The music, including the two reworked classis, gel well.

Overall, ‘Kaabil’ is an engaging, gripping entertainer with loads of emotions and will stay in mind for a long time. The superb performance by the talented cast, especially Hrithik, takes the simple film to a different level.