HijackIn the past, many films have been made on terrorism and terrorists. Some sink while some floated. Terrorist is a common concept but many filmmakers find it a potboiler issue to capture in celluloid. Films based on terrorism interests a particular genre of filmmakers and joining the bandwagon is debutante director Kunal Shivdasani. Kunal in his very first attempt has handled this bold subject of hijacking which interest only a particular section of people. traversed the same path as Kuku Kohli’s Yeh Dil Aashiqana and Rohit Shetty’s Zameen.

The real life incidence of hijacking IC-814 from Katmandu airport has shooked the entire nation years back and most of the time makers lift up the issue to rewind the black day. Kunal’s also deals with the life risk of the passenger and release of a deadly terrorist. The story proceeds well but lost interest gradually as song and dance disrupts the flow of the film.  ’s heroic deeds seemed quite unnatural and indigestible. The film caters interest at the first half but in the second half, you need to find ways to continue the film to the end.

tells the story of a ground maintenance officer at Chandigarh Airport who with full force rescued the life of the people and his own daughter who was captured by the terrorist. Vikram () is a brave officer; his daughter means a lot to him, she is his world. His social life is limited to only one friend by the name Rajeev, who is the Security Chief of the same airport. Life was moving smoothly as one unfortunate day the flight in which his daughter was traveling from Delhi to Amritsar was hijacked.

A group of five terrorists boarded the flight and took total control over the life and death of the passengers. They threatened and tortured the passengers and feared them out of their life if their demand did not get fulfilled.  They wanted the release of their terrorist friend Maqsood [K.K. Raina], who was in the captivity of the Indian police. The aircraft landed in Chandigarh for refueling. Vikram in order to save her daughter and other passengers managed to get entry into the aircraft with the help of the airhostess Saira []. Vikram and Saira somehow managed to save the life of the passengers. And here we will get to see some stunning action from which is hard to believe.

The film concludes well but loose interest in the middle. Some sequences are deviated from the normal. Kunal tried to make an action thriller but failed to grip the audience. The story is bold, idea is noble and concept is lively but unfortunately meets a bad consequence.

Speaking about the performances, fits to the role perfectly and he enacted his part well. has small role to enact but she is ok. K.K Raina did a fair job. Mushtaq Kak is top-notch. Kaveri Jha looks beautiful. Justin-Uday's music is nothing exceptional. It will not have an everlasting effect. Jehangir Chowdhary's cinematography is top-rate. Allan Amin's stunt is commendable. Bijon Dasgupta's artistic potential is appreciable.

On the whole, the concept of deserves credit but it lacks in synchronization. It is a film that will not have a good collection at the box-office but Shiney’s female following fan will definitely have a fabulous weekend as after a short gap, he has again makes his appearance on the silver screen.