Kapil Sharma is back with his second outing ‘Firangi’ after ‘Kiss Kis Ko Pyar Karoon’ and it is very disheartening to say that Kapil Sharma failed to win the heart of is audience. The film proved that audience love to see him cracking jokes rather performing on the 70 mm screen. ‘Firangi’ was well promoted by Kapil Sharma and his team on various reality shows. The noted comedian has invested his precious time, energy as well his money to make ‘Firangi’ a must watched film but unfortunately it could not impress his fans.

The plot of ‘Firangi’ resemblances a lot to Aamir Khan’s blockbuster film, ‘Lagaan’ which earned huge accolades from the audience worldwide.

Kapil’s character Mangat Ram in ‘Firangi’ is inspired from Bhuvan (Aamir Khan) of ‘Lagaan’. Manga like Bhuvan headed a group of villagers to challenge a British officer Mark Daniels (Edward Sonnenblick) with the help of kind hearted Shyamli (Monica Gill). Ishita Dutta plays Sargi.

Manga has got a special technique to cure back ailments by kicking people in the posterior and this very ability of Manga earned him the confidence of British officer Mark Daniels who too suffered from the same ailment. Manga’s kicking technique wipes away Mark’s pain, Manga soon became the loyal of Mark and people of the villages started hating him for his loyalty to the British. But things turned worse between Mark and Manga when the former wanted to capture a large plot which is hugely populated for the set up of a liquor factory. The king, by a deceitful ploy, manages to get the consent of the villagers to evacuate the place. However, Mangat came to their rescue and how he gets back the land and wins the heart of his love interest Sargi’s parents forms the rest of the story.

‘Firangi’ is a big let down and director Rajiv Dingra could not make the film entertaining and unique. It was quite monotonous. The climax was also not captivating and the love angle shown between Manga and Sargi looks dull.

Speaking about the performances, the biggest comedian Kapil Sharma fails to impress audience with this acting skill. Fans wants to see him cracking jokes on TV. Pro actors like Inaamulhaq, Rajesh Sharma and Aanjjan Srivastav performed well. Monica Gill and Ishita Dutta were mediocre.

In the nutshell, Kapil Sharma’s ‘Firangi’ is a big box-office disaster.