Bhagam Bhag

Bhagam Bhag is the Hindi remake of a Malayalam film like many of director Priyadarshan’s other films. Priyadarshan has been churning out mad hatter comedies for quite a while and Bhagam Bhag too belongs to the comedy genre, but this time he has added a murder mystery to his comic caper. Bhagam Bhag has the typical Priyadarshan fare, lots of hilarious situations, chaos, confusion, many characters and a number of parallel sub-plots. On a purely entertaining basis, the film does manage to entertain to an extent, but other than that it has nothing novel to offer. In fact the first half was funny but the second half where the murder mystery was brought in was quite a disappointment. Of course making a murder mystery funny is then again hardly possible.

The film is based around a theater group and two of its lead actors, Akshay and Govinda who are always up to something naughty. During one rehearsal, Akshay starts behaving flirtatious with the female lead in the theater group who takes offense to his behaviour and then walks out of the play. This leaves the entire play and the theater group in a lurch as they have just landed a big job to perform in London. Now the director of the group demands that the two actors find a replacement for his heroine or find themselves another job. The film is a repetitive kind of comedy film from Priyadarshan which is strictly for time-pass watching.

The film has been directed by Priyadarshan and the story too has been written by him along with Neeraj Vora. The film stars Akshay Kumar as Bunty, Govinda as Babla, Paresh Rawal as Champak Chaturvedi, Lara Dutta, Tanushree Dutta, Jackie Shroff, Shakti Kapoor, Rajpal Yadav, Arbaaz Khan, Razzak Khan, Manoj Joshi etc.

Bunty and Babla are two fun-loving but naughty natured guys in Champak’s theater group. However these two always keep getting into trouble because of their flirtatious nature. During a rehearsal Bunty begins to flirt around with the lead heroine (Tanushree) of the play. Unfortunately she takes offense and walks out of the play. Now the entire theater group is left in the lurch as they have just been offered to perform their play in London. The fate of the play now depends on Bunty and Babla finding a girl to play the female lead in time. They strike gold when Bunty meets the beautiful Minni (Lara); unfortunately the girl has her own set of problems with amnesia and suicidal tendencies being just a few.

Meanwhile the notorious duo Bunty and Babla also somehow manage to get involved with drugs and a drug lord (Manoj Joshi) is now after them. Bunty and Minni are also weaving their own love story, but suddenly things take a twist when she regains her memory to find a husband (Arbaaz Khan) tumbling out of her closet of skeletons. And things go from bad to worse when a murder takes place and the accused are none other than Bunty and Babla. Will these two be able to get themselves out of these problems which don’t seem to end?

Priyadarshan manages to get the comedy bit right but the inclusion of the murder mystery seems to stick out in the script. There are several mindless comedy situations which do keep you entertained. Comic situations between the trio Akshay, Govinda and Paresh make for several moments of laughter. Priyadarshan has used plenty of slapstick comedy in the form of double meaning and sexist dialogues which appeals to certain type of masses. A dose of chaos and confusion is thrown in and he comes up with a masala bollywood comedy. The script is a bit lackluster and even the screenplay does not manage to salvage much of the film. Priyadarshan seems to have merely changed the script but has stuck to the same style or format that he adopts in his other comedy films. Bhagam Bhag lacks freshness and that extra zing to set it apart from other comedies.

The second half also manages to literally have everyone running around and the innumerable characters and sub plots manage to leave the viewers confused. The climax too is a sore disappointment and has nothing interesting to offer. Some of the comedy situations are more ridiculous than funny and belie logic and rationality. The film is extremely long and could have been better edited. The music of the film by Pritam does not have any memorable numbers, but ‘Tere Bin’ is a sweet romantic song and ‘Afreen’ is picturised well. Cinematography which shows a bit of London is good and dialogues by Neeraj Vora are average. Performances don’t live unto expectations.

Akshay Kumar is fairly good but he seems to be getting typecast in to these comic roles, nonetheless he brings enthusiasm and energy to his performance. Govinda who makes his comeback with this film manages to give only a half decent performance. Apart from working on his look and styling the actor needs to work really hard to keep up with the new set of hardworking and determined actors. Paresh Rawal who is known to excel in comedies, does not have a well rounded role and hence his performance too is merely average. Rajpal Yadav and Shakti Kapoor manage to do a good job. Manoj Joshi, Arbaaz Khan, Jackie Shroff, Razzak Khan etc are fare. Lara Dutta looks sweet but is strictly average in her performance and Tanushree Dutta has very little scope.

Bhagam Bhag lacks an innovative script and the screenplay has too much of chaos and confusion. The film though may appeal to the masses or those who just want sheer entertainment. It also being the festive season, people may not mind indulging in a few laughs and senseless comedy and it may just work at the box-office. But all in all the film is of the repetitive variety, lacks freshness and is strictly for time-pass watching.

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