Simmba is a 2018 Bollywood action-romance, which has been directed by Rohit Shetty. The movie stars Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan in the lead roles. Ranveer Singh will be seen playing the role of a quirky cop in Simmba. Contrary to the philosophies of Singham, Simmba believes that a corrupt Officer's life is an ideal life which inspires him to become one. Until an unfortunate incident awakens his conscience and forces his to chose the righteous path.  To begin with, the film starts with an introduction to Simmba as an orphan in Shivgad. Soon, a chain of events follows and a man predicts, "He's a little cracker who'll spark a big explosion one day." The little one grows up to become a cop who believes in doing 'beimaani with full imaandaari'.

When Simmba gets transfered to Miramar Police Station, he comes across Shagun (Sara Ali Khan) and instantly falls in love with her. As expected, cupid's arrow strikes Shagun as well and the two oscillate between 'Aankh Maare' and some Swiss romance. On the work front, Simmba finds a perfect foil in Ashutosh Rana who disagrees with his principles and corrupt practices. Until one 'unfortunate' day, tragedy strikes closer home and leaves him with a guilty  conscience. Determined to serve justice to the wronged, Simmba embarks on a life-changing journey that's replete with 'kicks' and 'punches'. 

Jomon T John  has wielded the camera for Simmba. The movie is produced by Karan Johar, Hiroo Yash Johar, Rohit Shetty and Apoorva Mehta under the banner Dharma Productions and Rohit Shetty Picturez Pvt.Ltd. and is distributed by    Reliance Entertainment Pvt.Ltd.