Ishq Tera


Ishq Tera’ is based on real life events of a woman with a broken mind and a man with a broken heart. The story of how men prey silently on this one disturbed woman as her man fights to free her mind and win her heart, again and again and again. 

Are we all who we seem to be, or is there someone else inside of us?  Can Dr Samira keep her emotions aside to cure her best friend or is she in love with her best friend’s husband? Is the husband who he says he is or is he the one responsible for her madness and the prime cause for her broken mind and broken heart? What if you fell in love with a young lovely woman and that too on the day her mother gets shot and her little brother is murdered in front of her, deliberately or by mistake by supposedly her own father. 

There's a madness that is real. Where one person is one person with multiple personalities or maybe not, feel the pain of a broken mind Live the journey of a broken heart with Ishq Tera.