All About Sonika Chauhan

Vikram and Sonika had been dating since November

Sonika Chauhan’s death has shattered Vikram Chatterjee. Vikarm’s close friend Pritam Roy revealed that Sonika and Vikram were in a relationship since November and they were going strong. Vikram Chatterjee has been held responsible for Sonika’s death because he was behind the wheels when t ... read more

Model-actress Sonika Chauhan dies in a car accident

Kolkata based model cum actress Sonika Chauhan died in a car accident early this morning. The accident took place in front of Lake Mall in Kolkata. She was travelling with Bengali actor Vikram Chatterjee. The mishap took place when the driver reportedly lost control. The car crashed into a f ... read more

Vikram Chatterjee broke down completely at Sonika's grave

On Sunday, Vikram Chatterjee visited good friend Sonika Cahuhan’s grave and he completely broke down at Sonika’s grave. Vikram's childhood friends, Pritam Roy and Richi Richardson, had accompanied him there. "Sonika was a very good human being and her death is a big loss for a ... read more