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Shekhar Suman calls Kangana ‘cocained actress’, gets slammed

Kangana Ranaut’s latest flick ‘Rangoon’ was a much-awaited movie, but unfortunately, it was a disaster at the box office. And this gave Shekhar Suman an opportunity to take a dig on the National Award winning actress, who once dated his son Adhyayan Suman. The veteran actor, who is current ... read more

Keep your mouth shut: Shekhar Suman to Kangana

Shekhar Suman really knows how to make hay while the sun shines. After calling Kangana Ranaut a ‘cocained actress’ after her latest flim ‘Rangoon’ flopped, the 54-year-old actor has now got another chance in the war-of-words between the ‘Queen’ actress and filmmaker Karan Johar. It is well ... read more

Kangana gets scolding from boyfriend pa

Last Tuesday on Adhyayan Suman's birthday, Shekhar Suman shouted at Kangana Ranaut when he broke into discussion on the process of filmmaking with Mohit Suri and Kangana intervened. Shekhar Sr. became furious whe ... read more